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ADA Issues New Guide to Help Small Businesses Understand Regulations

Sunrise, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – April 3, 2011) – According to the small business employee attendance experts at TrackSmart.com, small business managers and owners now have a new guide to help them understand the often complex ADA rules as they apply to small businesses.

The new guide, called the ADA Update: A Primer for Small Business, describes how the ADA applies to employees and customers in situations many small businesses encounter every day. It includes recent changes and clarifications that went into effect on March 15th of this year.

“The new and revised guide offers specific examples that can help our customers stay in compliance with ADA and state disability access guidelines,” says TrackSmart Brand Evangelist Helene Kopel. “The Department of Justice has done a wonderful job in clarifying the regulations, so we wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention.”

TrackSmart.com, an online employee attendance tracking solution targeted towards the needs of small businesses, can help employers spot employee absence patterns.

That can make it easier for managers to determine if there might be an ADA or other legally-protected medical explanation for the missed work days. Knowing what kinds of absences are protected, or which workplace accommodations are required by law, can help small businesses avoid lawsuits and fines for ADA violations.

About TrackSmart.com

TrackSmart.com, the first online employee attendance solution from HRdirect, offers several web-based plans to meet the needs of small to medium-sized business.

The basic TrackSmart.com plan allows small businesses to record employee absences, vacations and basic employee data for up to 20 employees, absolutely free, with no trial period or expiration date.

Newer, low-cost paid plans allow employers to track up to 100 employees, with enhanced features and expanded recordkeeping and reporting options. All plans, whether free or paid, provide secure online employee recordkeeping and built-in employee management advice. Those who register for the free plan can upgrade anytime without losing any of the data they’ve entered so far.

About HRdirect

For more than 20 years, HRdirect has been known for its top-selling employee attendance tracking tools. HRdirect is part of the Everglades Direct, Inc., family of brands, which also includes G.Neil, the leading provider of human resource tools, Poster Guard® Compliance Protection, and ComplyRight business compliance products. More than one million U.S. businesses turn to Everglades Direct brands for their human resource products and business compliance expertise. The offices are located in Sunrise, Florida.

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