American Stimulus Funding Corp. Announces Alternative Financing for Small Business

Danbury, Connecticut (PRESS RELEASE – April 20, 2011) – American Stimulus Funding provides an alternative to conventional business loans during a time when banks are reluctant to offer funding to small businesses. Through a merchant cash advance, Stimulus Funding is ready and willing to finance businesses with the necessary funds they need in order to cover their everyday expenses, including payroll, inventory purchases and equipment financing, among many other costs.

In today’s economy, banks aren’t willing to provide funding or small business loans to those in need, but if funding were available, many businesses would be able to expand and increase their income during these difficult economic times. Getting approved for a business loan from a bank with a bad credit score can be extremely difficult and Stimulus Funding wants to help those business owners to acquire the funding they need.

“The Merchant Cash Advance arena has far exceeded our expectations and we anticipate continued growth in the future,” says Lawrence Principato, CEO. “Unlike traditional banks, American Stimulus Funding Corp. is an excellent alternative source of capital that understands the financial needs of small retail businesses and restaurants. Our approach helps our clients to quickly and easily raise the money they need so they are in the best possible position to take advantage of critical business opportunities as they present themselves.”

By advancing merchant cash upfront against future credit card sales, businesses pay back the advance with a small fixed percentage of their daily credit card sales revenue. American Stimulus Funding offers fast approval and no hidden charges, while also boasting a 98 percent approval rate. Their simple and quick application process makes it easy for anyone to apply for small business funding.

Many businesses, especially retail merchants, feel the banks’ unwillingness to lend has been harmful to them directly and ultimately to the overall economy. Stimulus Funding emerges as an alternative, with the capability of providing businesses with a Merchant Cash Advance of up to $250,000 within 72 hours. A business’ eligibility is determined by its monthly credit card sales. It’s that simple.

Stimulus Funding provides capital to automotive businesses, dentistry and medical businesses, and franchise and restaurant businesses, among many others.

About American Stimulus Funding

American Stimulus Funding, based in Danbury, CT, is a leading provider of a unique financing option and has assisted many merchants throughout the US get the cash they need. Stimulus Funding has helped hundreds of business succeed and follow through with their professional dreams.


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  1. A new website starting in may will also be providing a brand new way to get funding for startups and small businesses from micro-investors. Check it out.

  2. Well what this is, in a nutshell, is payday loans for businesses. We all know a month’s advance on sales doesn’t stimulate anything but debt. –Another company jumping on the backs of struggling business owners under the guise of benevolence. To small business owners: keep up the good fight, lest you end up making cold calls for a business like this

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