B2B Guide to Social Media Launches Comprehensive Social Statistics Resource

(PRESS RELEASE – April 26, 2011) – A comprehensive collection of statistics on social media usage has been launched recently on the B2B Guide to Social Media blog. Consisting of over 420 statistics broken down by category, ordered by date and hyperlinked to their sources, the Social Statistics resource was built to act as a single hub of social media data on the web. Crucially, this information will be updated every Friday, to include social media statistics published in the previous week.

Heather Baker, editor of the B2B Guide to Social Media and MD of B2B PR and social media consultancy, TopLine Communications, comments:

“We set up the B2B guide to address the growing need for clear, practical advice on how to use social media in a B2B context. There are too many self-proclaimed social media experts out there providing sub-standard advice and services to organizations. The blog is designed to combat this by talking at the how-to level to be accessible to anyone in business. It covers everything from introductions to social networks to ideas and suggestions on promoting your company blog and using LinkedIn to win new business.

“We started collecting social statistics at the beginning of the year when we realized the enormous amount of data on social media on the web that was simply asking to be organized. We intend to keep it current and relevant and would welcome feedback from our readers.”

About the B2B Guide to Social Media

The B2B Guide to Social Media is a blog created and edited by Heather Baker, Director of PR at TopLine Communications. The guide is an essential ‘how to’ for marketers and organizations seeking clarification on how key social media platforms can be used to reach business audiences. In addition, the guide provides a broad overview of the numerous social media tools that determine presence, quantify reach and integrate the results of any campaign. Recognizing a need to use social media is the first step: The B2B Guide to Social Media provides vital information for those seeking to determine the merits of specific platforms and ultimately the most appropriate ways to target their efforts.

About TopLine Communications

TopLine Communications is an award-nominated PR agency that aims to create opinion leaders, ensuring clients’ messages reach their target audiences via the appropriate media channels. Working closely with journalists in the broadcast, print and online media, incorporating social media campaigning, TopLine generates headlines that impact on its clients’ profitability.

TopLine is a media-led agency, drawing on the advice of a network of experienced, national, print and broadcast journalists from the early stages of each campaign. The result is that our clients’ messages are communicated to a receptive media audience.

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  1. It’s no brainer to see that social media is here to stay for good. Given vast variety of the existing channels to choose and stick with, it’s time for such a hot space to enter into a new category. There is a need for a portal to provide a quick and intelligent decision for both the consumer and the enterprise about their online connections.

    A Platform to Help us to Distinguish Our Quality vs. Quantity Friends, Fans, Followers, and Companies

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr and others have been doing a decent job of providing additional marketing exposure and even in some cases, additional revenue. However, as more and more social networking sites pop up, how do you manage your brand across all these channels? Maybe more importantly, which one of these sites should you select as the one that will help you best reach your target audience? The proliferation of the social media avenues is becoming overwhelming.

    This glut of information reminds me of the early 90’s when WWW was adopted broadly by the general public. Every company rushed to have a presence, to the point it became literally impossible to find the right information on the Web. That’s when a better generation of search engines – at first the Yahoo! and then Google – entered the market and helped us find the most relevant information by just typing simple keywords in their search box. If you had asked before Google launched, if there was a need for another search engine – most would have said no, we already have those….

    Then came Web 1.0 & 2.0 – Youtube, Flickr, myspace, Facebook, Twitter and countless others have turned everyday people into content producers, influencers and experts. We basically tripled down on the information overload How do you know which channels to select for deploying your social media strategy? How do you know which one is the right channel to let your fans and followers to find you, your products, and services? Most importantly, who is Joe Smith that is recommending that person, that company, that product?

    I hope my awesomize.me can accomplish such a mission. The site is not another social networking platform. Yet the portal to all your existing social media channels. The platform helps you, your fans, your potential clients to make an intelligent decision as to which company to connect to or follow via which social media channels and why? It’s free!

    CEO & Founder

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