Release of Brand Atlas: Branding Intelligence Made Visible Announced

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Hoboken, New Jersey (PRESS RELEASE – April 29, 2011) – Wiley and branding consultant Alina Wheeler and information designer Joel Katz are pleased to announce the release of their new book Brand Atlas: Branding Intelligence Made Visible (Wiley; April 2011; $29.95; Hardcover and e-Book; ISBN: 9780470433423).

Brand Atlas, is a resource for multi-tasking professionals who need to stay focused on building their brand during a time of relentless change, dwindling resources and fierce competition. Brand Atlas is just that, an atlas that is a fast-paced and concise guide through marketplace trends, branding tools and rules. This book focuses the reader on the most pressing brand topics and action for CEO’s and brand managers. Alina Wheeler demystifies branding and explains complex ideas and terms that everyone uses but no one really understands. Joel Katz has created clear, engaging diagrams to explain branding principles.

Brand Atlas is the only branding resource that reinvents the paradigm of a business book. With 55 full color diagrams, Brand Atlas follows the recent YouTube-iPhone-Pecha Kucha-era trend by combining streamlined content with vivid, full-color information graphics. This handy reference neglects needless jargon and quotes a broad range of stakeholders in the branding process—from CEOs and brand visionaries to thought leaders and experts. Brand Atlas provides the tools to brand throughout the entire customer experience, build relationships based on brand, measure a brand’s value, and define a brand strategy.

Marty Neumeier, Director of Transformation, at Liquid Agency and author of Brand Gap said, “Brand Atlas is a delightful book on a number of levels-as a primer, a spark generator, and a map of brand principles. It’s fun to crack it open anywhere, like a fortune, for quick inspiration.”

Brand Atlas is a compact, no-nonsense guide that shows how staying focused on the big picture is crucial to building brand assets.

What experts are saying:

Navigate the Future of Your Brand

Brand Atlas is for creative thinkers who are seeking breakthroughs. This book is filled with conversation starters for brand builders. Your brand communicates the essence of who you are. This book helps you quickly create the frame of mind and structure to invest in your brand.

– Dan Calista, CEO, Vynamic LLC

Branding for Busy People

All of us are just so darn busy, we don\’t have the time or brain-space to read and visualize complex ideas. This book does the work for us. I love the small chunks of ideas and I love the dimensionality which shows us that branding today is complex and very multi-dimensional. I plan to send this book to all of my business clients.

– Sylvia Harris, principal of Sylvia Harris LLC

A fresh approach to branding education

Brand Atlas prompts questions: what if it became a standard text in business schools to begin an awareness of branding concepts? What if it became a model for an e-book version? What if it were used to develop a common language with clients? Contrary to the cover copy, you can’t read it in a half hour, but a complete reading will expand your knowledge of terms and principles drawn from a number of contemporary sources.

The book is an essential complement to Alina Wheeler’s “Designing Brand Identity,” which has become the standard text on branding especially in design schools. Where that book is comprehensive in explaining and illustrating the branding process, Brand Atlas is a compendium of single-page descriptions, a glossary of fundamental ideas, each with an accompanying diagram by Joel Katz. Finally, in the back there are short lists of process steps that will help implement branding programs, and which dovetail with the previous book.

– Richard Stanley, educator

You could devour just one of these bite-sized morsels of brand wisdom every day and in two months you will be thinking anew and marketing afresh. But be warned: once you pick up the visually stunning Brand Atlas, you will find it hard to put down, and harder to stop thinking about.

-B. Joseph Pine II, co-author, The Experience Economy

About Alina Wheeler

Alina Wheeler is a branding consultant and author of Designing Brand Identity: (Wiley), the bestselling global resource for businesses and nonprofits. Her business is managing perception; her service is strategic imagination; and her passion is brand. She was advisory council member for The Dictionary of Brand, edited by Marty Neumeier, along with Seth Godin, Al Ries, and Tom Kelley.

About Joel Katz

Joel Katz is an information designer and a global authority on the visualization of complex information. He lectures internationally and is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome (2003). A graduate of Yale College and the Yale School of Art in graphic design, he teaches information design at The University of the Arts and Philadelphia University.

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