RadioActive Media Announces Availability of Direct Response Radio Advertising Services

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Orange, California (PRESS RELEASE – April 29, 2011) – Since its founding in 2008, RadioActive Media set out with the goal of providing businesses with quality radio advertising options with results that a company can track. By providing each campaign with a personalized call to action, RadioActive Media is a radio advertising agency guaranteed to get results.

As a full service radio advertising agency, RadioActive Media offers a wide range of radio advertising services to get businesses into the public’s consciousness. The company’s radio advertising professionals have expertise in the fields of direct response radio advertising, local radio advertising, satellite radio advertising, radio commercial production, radio marketing strategies, satellite radio marketing, and advertising on popular radio shows such as those hosted by Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh.

For businesses, the benefits of direct response radio advertising are many. Unlike traditional advertising, which is concerned mainly with getting a company’s name and message out into the world, direct response radio advertising takes the advertising process one step further and actively engages consumers. By providing all advertisements with a direct call to action, RadioActive Media can drive consumers to call a company’s phone number, visit its website, or patronize its retail location.

RadioActive Media has also advanced the field of direct response radio advertising with its innovative RadioText Message program, which encourages consumers to text a code to a company with their mobile phones to receive exclusive deals and product updates.

With direct response radio advertising, RadioActive Media lets businesses track their ads. Businesses can see which types of communication best reached their target audiences and manage their radio advertising approach accordingly.

Local businesses and event promoters can benefit from RadioActive Media’s local radio advertising approaches. Local radio advertising lets consumers feel like a business is actually part of their community and local radio personalities can be enlisted to promote a business or event on their radio shows.

From Internet radio to satellite radio, RadioActive Media’s team of advertising experts knows how to properly manage a radio advertising campaign. By personalizing each campaign to the specific needs of its customers, RadioActive Media provides positive results and customer satisfaction with every job.

RadioActive Media has nationwide radio opportunities which can reach up to 21 million listeners weekly for as little as $3,000 per week.

About RadioActive Media

RadioActive Media campaign company specializing in Internet and radio advertising. Utilizing unique promo codes and landing pages RadioActive Media tracks the individual performance of each station. We produce radio campaigns, ads, and audio designed to maximize results.

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