Wazala Strengthens Partnership With PayPal and Joins Partner Directory Program

Los Angeles, California (PRESS RELEASE – April 11, 2011) – Wazala, an e-commerce solution built for design-minded users, is a PayPal preferred shopping cart that facilitates the use of PayPal as a payment option. Recently, Wazala announced joining the PayPal Partner Directory, a newly released hub for PayPal partners and trusted e-commerce solutions. This directory comes as a new initiative by PayPal, one of the leading online payment systems, to allow visitors to find the trusted solutions PayPal recommends.

As a full-featured shopping cart solution, Wazala offers a complete in-page shopping experience, where buyers are not necessarily directed to PayPal to complete a payment. This in-store experience minimizes cart abandonments, and allows store owners to brand the entire shopping experience for their visitors, while pushing their own brand. Wazala easily integrates with all PayPal accounts, including PayPal Website Payments Pro, to allow merchants to accept major credit cards within their own store, while keeping all transactions PayPal secure and trusted.
Beginners, and those new to Wazala and PayPal, can easily sign up to Wazala with their email address and they are automatically configured with a PayPal Website Payments Standard account. Once a payment is made, they simply receive and email from PayPal to sign up and claim their money. Integrations with other existing PayPal accounts are as simple as a copy and paste, with a complete guide to get merchants started.

Built for bloggers and online tastemakers, Wazala offers this tighter integration with PayPal for online merchants to get paid faster and more securely. Merchants selling digital goods with Wazala’s digital delivery service can be certain that payment has been made, and their PayPal account was credited before Wazala’s automated delivery of the product. Shippable goods are also protected under the PayPal return policy, and as always merchants as well as buyers are safe from fraudulent transactions.

Wazala is also a mobile commerce and social commerce tool. In an effort to widen the buying platforms for merchants, Wazala allows buyers to purchase safely through social sites such as Facebook, and complete payments securely with PayPal. Wazala Touch, a mobile shopping experience, allows shop transactions on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone to run through PayPal safely, and easily.a mobile shopping experience, allows shop transactions on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone to run through PayPal safely, and easily.

Wazala continues to join PayPal initiatives and as a preferred partner will continue to offer its merchants quick response and easy integration as PayPal offerings grow over time.

About Wazala

Wazala is a fully-featured online shopping cart software solution built by and for design-minded people. Once configured, the store can easily be plugged into any website, blog or Facebook page. The clean-looking storefront integrates with any existing design and customers are not directed to another website to make a purchase, allowing website owners to maintain brand integrity. Also a mobile commerce experience, Wazala Touch, a mobile app like, shopping experience allows for mobile purchases. Feature packed, Wazala has multiple language and currency support, inventory tracking and fulfillment assistance for both digital and physical goods, coupon codes, analytics tracking, and statistics. Wazala also processes payments through widely used payment gateways including PayPal.

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