LocalResponse Launches Brand Solution Against Aggregate Location-Based Check-Ins

New York, New York (PRESS RELEASE – May 12, 2011) – LocalResponse recently revealed its new brand platform, a turn-key advertising network that aggregates public posts & “check-ins” for major brands wanting to reach local consumers. This is the second and final segment of LocalResponse’s two-segment launch, completing the innovative new technology’s core platform. On April 19th LocalResponse soft launched their local business solution, a two-step interface for local businesses to track customer patronage and loyalty through social media check-ins and directly engage with those customers to promote transactions.

LocalResponse’s brand solution aggregates check-ins across dozens of social media location based services, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Whrrl, Booyah, Instagram, Path, Color, Flickr, and more; constituting more than 1 billion check-ins each month, from 200+ million unique users globally. This platform offers advertisers tremendous reach and scale to serve contextual ads to consumers at the point of purchase, in real-time.

Kathy Leake, formerly Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Media6Degrees, will lead as President and Founding Partner – she will be primarily responsible for on-boarding brands and agencies to the platform. At Media6, Kathy developed the positioning, strategy and go-to-market blueprint for the company. She successfully took Media6 to market and drove the company from Pre-revenue to $20 million in two years.

“All other types of targeting out there is an approximation. Whether its demo, behavioral, contextual, look- a-like or social – it’s still approximating/guessing. Our platform gives marketers the opportunity to know where people are, when they are there and they can react in real time, via mobile,” says Kathy Leake, President and Co-Founder. “LocalResponse is next generation targeting being social, local, mobile and real-time all in one”

LocalResponse is the first and only platform to aggregate both “explicit” and “implicit” check-ins – explicit referring to check-ins on Foursquare for example; implicit by parsing and analyzing natural language that denotes location on, Twitter, photo sharing sites, etc. – e.g. “I’m headed to Whole Foods” or simply a photo posted of Madison Square Garden.)

“We’re effectively using the “check-in” as a proxy for behavioral and location-based targeting,” says Nihal Mehta, CEO and Co-founder. “There’s finally significant reach and scale in this medium, and we’re excited to connect brands and agencies to it.”

Results from multiple Beta campaigns delivered average CTR’s of 25-40% and 30-50% redemption rates for brand marketers. BIA/Kelsey Group estimates that local digital ad revenues will reach more than $42 billion by 2015, nearly double 2010’s total. Total local ad revenues are expected to reach $153.5 billion.

About LocalResponse

LocalResponse is a social advertising platform that aggregates public posts and “check-ins” across multiple platforms to help brands and businesses reach their customers. Brands and agencies use LocalResponse to leverage real-time inventory for mobile activation. Local businesses use LocalResponse to manage their customer relationships through a self-serve web interface.

LocalResponse is backed by Greycroft Partners, Charles River Ventures, Verizon Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, Extreme Venture Partners, BOLDstart Ventures, Jim Pallotta, amongst others and is based in Chelsea, NYC.

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