Informed Web Content Announces Release of Free Business Blog Start-Up Kit

San Diego, California (PRESS RELEASE – May 23, 2011) – Informed Web Content recently made available for free download a 39-page, interactive business blog workbook to help business owners and sole practitioners get started with a company blog.

With 41 helpful links, the free Business Blog Start-Up Kit provides free avenues for researching competing and complementary blogs as well as finding the appropriate keywords that will catch the attention of search engines. Because many business owners aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of starting a blog, the Business Blog Start-Up Kit helps them understand what to ask for from and how much to pay their website designer or developer to erect a blog on their current website. The Business Blog Start-Up Kit also includes guidelines for creating time-saving constructs such as a Google Alert idea generating system, blog policy templates and an editorial calendar, complete with ideas about how to delegate blog posts, promotion and other tasks.

Research has shown that blog readers prefer to digest online text in a specific format. Business owners can repel an audience with too much industry jargon, a complex writing style or a focus on their own events and accomplishments, rather than readers’ needs. The Business Blog Start-Up Kit covers how to keep blog post length within reasonable limits, how to include bulleted lists, photos and frequent paragraph breaks as well as maintaining a friendly, accessible tone at all times. Industry topics can be broken down with the kit’s brainstorming grid, which is accompanied by a clear example from an actual business.

Finally, because a successful blog requires more than implementation and writing, the Business Blog Start-Up Kit provides illustrative as well as blank charts to help business owners narrow down where and how to promote their blog, as well as how to measure blog results using Google Analytics and other tools.

While many of these resources are available to large businesses, because of the technical skills involved and the blog’s potentially time-consuming nature (the small business owner has enough on her plate just running the business), small businesses have lagged their larger brethren and the corporations that have more employees available to perform internet marketing tasks.

Business blogs have proven to help business websites rise in the search engine rankings, bring media attention to a business and create closer connections with clients. In fact, inbound marketing company Hubspot found in it’s 2011 report, The State of Inbound Marketing 2011, that 85% of businesses perceived their company blog as “useful,” “ important” or “critical,” with 27% choosing “critical” as the best description. Further, a full 57% of companies using blogs reported that they had acquired customers with leads coming directly from their blogs.

The Business Blog Start-Up Kit’s creator, Informed Web Content, sets small business owners and sole practitioners up on social media platforms, writes their initial search-engine-optimized posts and then trains owners and their staff on the tools and in the writing styles most effective for each. This approach enables business owners to eventually handle all internet marketing tasks themselves, if they so choose.

About Informed Web Content

Informed Web Content was founded in 2009 by Suzanne Delzio, author of nine published books, numerous magazine articles and winner of the San Diego Book award. For more information, visit The Business Blog Start-Up Kit can be downloaded free from the home page.


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  1. Thanks. I’ve just downloaded the kit. Looks awesome =)

  2. Business Blog Start-Up Kit seems to be an invaluable tool for new businesses whose owners (like myself) may not be familiar with the technical aspects of blogging and the potential benefits for growing one’s product. An essential guideline … and for free download!

  3. Wow, the Business Blog start up kit will be beneficial for people who want to create their blog to promote their products.

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