Signpost Launches Deal Scout Program to Generate Business Leads

New York (PRESS RELEASE – May 31, 2011) – Signpost, a do-it-yourself daily deal service for small and medium businesses, launched its Deal Scout program to help build relationships with local businesses.  Unlike most daily deal sites that rely on a large sales force, Signpost taps into its community of Deal Scouts to develop promotions with their favorite businesses and rewards them with financial incentives.

“Instead of relying on an internal sales force to secure exclusive deals with merchants, our Deal Scouts introduce Signpost to businesses that they already frequent,” said Stuart Wall, Signpost CEO.  “Since our scouts are already customers, this program helps us develop a more intimate relationship with the merchant and by eliminating the cost of a sales force, we’re able to offer lower fees compared to other sites.”

Signpost’s Deal Scouts are able to work from home, keep a flexible schedule, and earn a percentage of revenue for each business that posts a deal on Signpost.  During the two-week beta period, Signpost had some Scouts earn in excess of $1,400.

“The Signpost Deal Scout program has helped supplement my income, simply by reaching out to businesses where I’m already a loyal customer,” said Chris Smith, a Signpost Deal Scout in Lansing, Michigan. “By creating offers with my favorite restaurants and shops, I’m introducing other members of the community to key businesses.”

The Deal Scout program is closely aligned with Signpost’s Merchant Center, a self-service tool that helps local businesses create and distribute pre-paid offers in real-time, launched back in February.  By using the Merchant Center, merchants are able to send messages to customers and create recurring offers, setting their own terms and quantity.  In New York alone, 30% of merchants who have developed offers on Signpost have created subsequent campaigns.

“We believe that our Deal Scout program, combined with our Signpost Merchant Center, will provide businesses with the freedom and flexibility to create offers on their own terms that maximize traffic during times when sales are typically slow,” said Wall.

About Signpost

Signpost is a do-it-yourself daily deal service for small and medium sized businesses.  Signpost puts local businesses in control by allowing them to create their own daily deal campaigns that and set their own terms. The company has received funding from Spark Capital, Google Ventures and angel investors. Signpost’s services is available nationwide.

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