Small Business Marketing Milieu

Marketing your small business isn’t getting any easier. With so may choices, so many channels and so many tech and traditional tools, how can your company keep ahead of the competition? Perhaps great marketing cannot be taught. It is born of inspiration…and of the latest new idea!

Mobile & Location based

Is your marketing strategy location based? It may be the latest and hottest marketing trend. The Web in particular is going local and marketers are seizing on the opportunity to promote based on region the way they once focused only globally. Sure location-based is the flavor of the week, but is it right for you? CIK Marketing

How mobile technology enhances your printed message. You use mobile technology and printed materials in your campaigns already, but have you ever thought of integrating the two? You wouldn’t be alone. Here are some tools to help you combine mobile and printed marketing for an enhanced effect. Small Business Marketing Tools

10 mobile marketing tips. Are you finding new customers and new markets through mobile marketing? With such a steadily growing user base, the audience is obviously increasing fast and many of them may be in your niche or industry. Be sure to follow these 10 approaches for finding your customers on the Mobile Web.

Employees & Customer Service

How do employees impact your strategy? You can think of employee motivation as largely a management or human resources issue. But you could be missing the big picture. Check Zach Hellers post to think about how to incentivize employees in a whole new way…as a form of marketing! “I” of the Consumer

Customer service the latest bricks and mortar marketing app. With online retailers making huge inroads, local bricks and mortar businesses are fighting back in a variety of ways. One is a focus on customer service, a kind of flesh  and blood app powered by your employees, and can be a powerful tool that is difficult to replicate in the digital retail world. Here are some tips to maintain the basics. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Design & Trends

Three ways design can improve your campaigns. In an era of social media and free Website solutions, it’s easy to forget the difference design can make. There’s nothing wrong with using the latest in free and shared tools to drive your marketing message your blog/Website remains the heart and soul of your marketing efforts. Wood Street Inc.

Getting attention from new and tradional media. Actually one may lead to the other, explains John Jantch of Duct Tape Marketing as he talks about the way that new channels like social media have broken down the barriers between journalists and other traditional media types and small business owners hungry the opportunity to make a connection and gain coverage for their brand. Behind The Brand TV

How good a job are you doing? If you do a good enough job marketing you won’t have to sell at all. What’s the difference between “selling” and “inviting?” It may have to do with how well you’ve handled the marketing of your product or service. The point is to get the them to want what you have to offer. Seth Godin’s Blog


Using blogs to market your brand. Blogs are a great way to market your brand and, at the same time, a great source of helpful information about your niche market or community. But maintaining a great, helpful and informative blog is often harder than it looks and requires a special commitment. Keep Up With The Web

Sharing your small biz event at Small Business Trends. There are all kinds of ways to share information in your niche or industry and many of these ways might be considered marketing. Some are easier or less expensive than others. We’d like to announce the opportunity to learn about and share small business events via our Small Business Events feature. Small Business Trends

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  1. Say No! to the Office

    Nice collection of useful links – thanks!

  2. Hey, thanks for including my post above. This is a great collection of ideas and tips!

  3. Thanks for including my post on how mobile technology can enhance your printed message! (Small Business Marketing Tools)

    This is something that I finally dug into recently for a client & was pleasantly surprised just how easy (and cheap) it was to implement. Just another way that small businesses can stay ahead of the curve & compete with the big guys.

  4. I’ll admit it; I had to look up the word, “milieu.”

    For those that want to know the definition, here it is;

    “the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops.”

    I always learn something new here. Always.

    Of course, I’m always interested in how others are branding their businesses, and I really liked the post from Keep Up With The Web on using blogs to do just that. It inspired me.


    The Franchise King®

  5. Great tips!! It gave me an extra boost when I saw that I was already working on some of these ideas. I have a lead extraction/broadcast software that I use now and then to help expand my customer base. After reading this blog, I think it would be best to use it more.For the cost per lead, I can’t get that kind of leads any where else.