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Software of all kinds has become a major tool in small business making many complicated tasks much simpler. But small business software has also caused some interesting complications and difficulties. In this small business news roundup, we look at new frontiers and new challenges for your small business and the software that has become your best friend.


Business software among considerations when working from home. Among the many considerations when running your business from home or remotely is the use of small business software to make your operations run more smoothly. Whether something as simple as Excel spreadsheets or more sophisticated accounting software, consider which tools will help you most. Patch

SaaS could revolutionize your business. Sometimes called Software-as-a-Service, this important component of the new “cloud computing” revolution could make it possible for your business to pay as you go for software you use provided by a third party server without ever having to worry about upgrades and other maintenance issues. How could Saas change your small business? USA Today

New hybrid offers small business more choice. For those small businesses remaining on the fence about adopting cloud computing, another alternative emerges from Intel. Many businesses may be nervous about the storing of critical information at a remote location even if they are eager to take advantage of other services. Now there’s a choice. WSJ

Products & Services

New products already appearing on hybrid cloud. For those small businesses already looking to the opportunities offered by hybrid cloud computing, one company is already publicizing its first offerings. Pragma Systems announces the availability of its security and remote access offerings via Intel’s AppUpp Small Business Center. Take a look! PR Newswire

Payroll software further eases burden on small business. No more does payroll need to be a time consuming, confusion, expensive proposition, especially for the beginning entrepreneur. Here’s an overview of a product upgrade to make doing your payroll easier. Many software applications covering a multitude of different business functions are available allowing you to simplify your operations reducing time and cost. PR Web

Google offers new software platform for business. In an attempt to enter into the growing third party software business marked by buzz about Microsoft upgrades and the cloud computing trend, the search giant is launching Google Apps for Your Domain. The service will offer such functions as e-mail, scheduling and communications in a paid enhanced version a step above services already offered. USA Today


Could your small business make software for the military? Another look at the interaction between SMBs and software, this time from the standpoint of opportunities for small businesses that create unique applications. One large military contractor has built a lab they hope will bring small software developers into the equation. Could your small business benefit?

Software paves way for one entrepreneur’s success. Beyond being a tool for many small businesses, software makes a great product or service for others. With few space requirements except for needed equipment, a software company can easily be started as a home-based business the way Barbara Van Kirk of Pittsburgh did in 1994. She now has 45 employees. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


IRS seeks access to small business accounting software. In what some consider a possible breach of privacy, the Internal Revenue Service has begun demanding copies of electronic records from a business’s accounting softwarte  at the time of an audit. Small businesses have complained the records may include confidential data including client names and information. What do you think of this latest issue? Should small businesses really be forced to do this? WSJ

Software demands show disturbing trend. The demand by federal officials for electronic records and the belief that small businesses are one of the main sources of a “tax gap” the IRS wants to close, suggests a disturbing trend in which SMBs will be suspect and the security and privacy of electronic data they hold may be questioned. Write your congressman or U.S. Senator and express your concern. The Atlantic

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