Startup Expert Launches Entrepreneurial Advisory Service

Atlanta (PRESS RELEASE – May 18, 2011) – Startup Expert has recently announced the launching of their new entrepreneurial advisory service. The service helps aspiring entrepreneurs and startups overcome common challenges that most entrepreneurs face in their first 24 months of operation.

With the state of the economy where it is and a lack of stable jobs, income security is a big thing on people’s minds. One of the most popular routes people are taking now is to venture out and start their own business. Entrepreneurship can be a very scary avenue for people because there are many unknowns. Some people may not feel they have enough experience, education or knowledge to be successful. Startup Expert was created to help those people.

“Startup Expert is geared towards people looking to start their own business and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level,” said Dezmon Landers, founder of Startup Expert. “We offer a monthly advisory service which allows people to interact with our business strategists and advisory team to seek advice and troubleshoot problems as necessary.”

Startup Expert uses technology to collaborate with clients all over the world. Through webinars and other online software, the team at Startup Expert is able to connect and interact with clients to hold meetings, view and edit documents and more as if they were in the office working side by side.

In a time when having an edge over your competition can determine whether or not your business succeeds or fails, it is crucial to have a strong business plan as well as a strategy team to assist you in all of a business’s daily functions like marketing, accounting, sales pitches, human resources and more.

The team at Startup Expert consists of business professionals with over 60 years of real business experience in different industries — Internet, construction, legal, financing, advertising — who have the knowledge to take business from idea to revenue quickly.

“We created Startup Expert to help eliminate the confusion and guesswork of running a business,” said Landers. “Through webinars, strategy meetings, email, phone support and consultations with business advisors, we provide all of the vital pieces in one package.”

Working with Startup Expert is a very cost-effective way of getting the real information you needs about starting and becoming profitable in your new business. Alternatively, consultations with individual advisors like attorneys, accounts and financial advisors can cost thousands of dollars. Taking the DIY or Do It Yourself approach isn’t necessarily wrong but it may take longer than anticipated and cost more money in the long run.

“Each of our packages offers unique services geared towards entrepreneurs whether they’re still working full-time or their business is experiencing rapid startup growth,” said Landers. “Our team has become successful in our individual fields because we execute strategies that work in the real business world.”

“It is important for people to realize that they don’t have to go through the ups and downs so commonly associated with opening a business,” said Landers. “They can start their business off on the right foot with Startup Expert’s services and hit the ground running. Large and small companies all over the world have boards of directors, advisors and consultants aiding in their success; why are new entrepreneurs any different?”

Startup Expert is like having your own personal business advisory team to bounce ideas off of and seek solutions to problems.

About Dezmon Landers

Dezmon Landers is a graduate of The Ohio State University and currently works as a Startup Business Strategist. He has real startup experience working with and, and through his efforts he’s helped raise more than $500,000 in venture capital. He also sat on the Ohio Department of Education’s Entrepreneurial Advisory Council. Having the chance to have worked closely with and be mentored by some of the top business professionals in the country, he has gained a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to starting a new business.

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