Survivors of Domestic Violence Get a Shot at Entrepreneurship

Verizon just announced its Domestic Violence Entrepreneurship Program, which will award grants of $1,000 to $5,000 to survivors of domestic violence in New York state who want to start their lives over by launching a small business. A total of $45,000 will be awarded.

According to the press release put out on this program, “The successful development of a home or small business can bring women increased control over their working lives, create important financial and social opportunities for them, and help ensure the survivor’s long-term safety and stability.”

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According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, one in four women in the U.S. suffers from domestic violence at some point in her life. Not all cases are reported, so we can assume this is a conservative estimate. Giving these women the chance at a new life, and one that can teach them valuable skills to start their own businesses through entrepreneurship, is a rare but wonderful opportunity.

The grant money can be used to purchase office equipment for a home or small business, serve as collateral for a business loan or pay for business education courses. Interested applicants should submit a business proposal, along with a letter from a domestic violence program or advocate attesting to the applicant’s participation in domestic violence services. All applicants must reside in New York state. More information on the Domestic Violence Entrepreneurship Program is provided here.  No deadline is mentioned.


Susan Payton Susan Payton is the Communications Manager for the Small Business Trends Awards programs. She is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, an Internet marketing firm specializing in content marketing, social media management and press releases. She is also the Founder of How to Create a Press Release, a free resource for business owners who want to generate their own PR.

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  1. Hi Susan,

    This is such a great gesture from Verizon, it’s really nice to see companies being socially responsible and doing something for the community they work in. I am sure this would help a lot of women to create a new dimension in their life and snap out of their personal problems to do something more constructive with their lives. Good luck to all the women out there who will be applying! Thanks for sharing.

    Riya Sam

  2. @Riya–
    Thanks for stopping by. I agree that this is a good thing. Thanks for your well wishes.