Career Entrepreneur Launches Association for American Business Owners

Chicago, Illinois (PRESS RELEASE – June 20, 2011) – Jim Wener, a career entrepreneur, has launched a collective bargaining and support association exclusively geared to American business owners. He emphasizes the proud adjective, as he calls it, “American” because he has no intention of going international. In fact, their motto borrows from the Gettysburg Address, “A Union For, Of, and By Entrepreneurs.” His objective is to eventually represent America’s entrepreneurs in much the same manner as labor unions represent their membership. His current staff includes a certified mediator and a metrics interpreter that can use BOA’s unique market research regarding business ownership to determine the collective’s strategy and most efficient use of resource. He intends to make the relatively unheard voices of business owners “singe the ears of congress” as he puts it, and has already had indications of interest from both political parties.

Jim touts the organization’s proprietary “American Business Owner’s Bill of Rights” which mimics a version of the original Bill of Rights but has been pieced together based on thousands of hours of direct contact with business owners. It is a centerpiece of BOA’s website.

“The groundswell support that BOA has received goes much beyond what I had expected,” Jim remarks, “and for only a $50 membership fee per year, we are able to keep our costs affordable to today’s small to medium sized entrepreneur.” He goes on to say, “We are not in this for the money, otherwise we would not be practically giving memberships away. All of our funding channels directly into hard-wired action,” and his confident resolve leaves very little question as to his commitment to the cause.

On a humorous, parting note Jim quips, “The fact that our acronym, AOBOA, is a Palindrome does not reflect any connection to the Palin campaign, although I think Sarah Palin would heartily endorse our platform.”

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