BIZ TV Launches in Major TV Markets for Entrepreneurs

Dallas, Texas (PRESS RELEASE – June 17, 2011) – BIZ TV, a new national television network devoted to America’s entrepreneurs and small businesses, announces its expansion into the country’s top television markets and can now be seen in Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston, reaching nearly16 million viewers across the nation.

BIZ TV, based in Arlington, TX, is the only national television network committed to original, high quality content specifically for and about small business. No other network is dedicated to programming which will inspire, educate and inform the entrepreneur like BIZ TV.

“Entrepreneurs, the self-employed and small businesses are crucial to the US economy and BIZ TV will bring passionate individuals together. We seek to educate and motivate,” said Pete D’Acosta, President and Chief Executive Officer of BIZ TV. “There are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States right now, more than 15 million home-based companies and the numbers are growing. Our TV network will be where they can go to learn how other entrepreneurs have succeeded and where to get free information on a wide variety of topics. We are a ‘real business’ network. Not just stocks and bonds.”

BIZ TV can now be found in Los Angeles on KAZA, digital channel 54.4, in Dallas/Fort Worth on KAZD, digital channel 55.3, in Houston on KYAZ, digital channel 51.3 and in Atlanta on WANN, digital channel 32.1. Biz TV is also currently on the air in Wichita (51.3), Salt Lake City (20.2) and Denver (28.5). Other broadcast markets are soon to follow.

“We are really excited to be in these markets. The rapid growth of Biz TV says a lot about the value of what we have to offer the business-minded viewer,” says D’Acosta. “This is unique programming. It is motivational, inventive and educational. It’s a tool-kit for the small business owner.”

BIZ TV features success stories, business advice and a wide array of original programming such as “The Motivators,” hosted by inspirational speaker, Victor Ornelas, “The Ray Lucia Show,” hosted by nationally recognized financial strategist Ray Lucia and “The Big Biz Show” with award-winning radio personalities Bob Sully Sullivan and Russ T Nailz.

About BIZ TV

BIZ TV is dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs and small business, because that is who we are. Based in Dallas, Texas, BIZ TV is Hispanic operated business with a deep commitment to the Latino community and a goal of maintaining a 50% Latino workforce.


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  2. I live in the DFW area and have been watching BIZTV for 2 weeks now…all day, even the reruns, and find it very interesting, especially for small businesses. I have been looking for a phone number to call to ask about your advertising prices. Please help.

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