Blogs Are Dead/Long Live the Business Blog!

You will hear from time to time that blogs are dead, but the fact is that business blogs remain very important. Blogs can be the center of your online presence, creating content to be shared via social media from Facebook to Twitter. They can include video and other media and improve your site’s SEO. Here’s more about the small business blog and its benefits.

How To

How to market your business blog. Niall Devitt, co-founder of the small business community Tweak Your Biz, talks about the future of blogs and how social media, the new kid on the block, can be used to enhance rather than replace your blog presence. In this interview, Niall talks about blogging as a division of the social media revolution and about its value, a long with other tools, in creating brand visibility. BizSugar


Newest tools in business blogging. Business bloggers will soon have even more tools from which to choose. has just announced launch of a new version of its AtomWord business blogging platform to be introduced in July. This new version will include enhanced new features but will be offered in a free version unlike an earlier subscription iteration. Customers will be able to pay for addition features like design and support. PRWeb


Everybody’s got a list of best bloggers. No better example exists of the business blog’s vitality than that every blogger you run into online has their list of the best of the best. While many lists might have some bloggers in common, you certainly discover how many blogs there are out there either being run as businesses or to promote a business. Here’s a new bunch from Antonio Coleman. Which bloggers would you include?

Tips and lessons learned. Entrepreneur turned blogger Paul Downs talks about his 13 months and 60 posts and what they have taught him. Some business bloggers begin their efforts in order to publicize their business ventures, to network or to build a following. For others, blogging truly is the business. What have you learned from your business blogging adventures? You’re the Boss

Business writing and business journalism. Of course, small businesses aren’t alone in recognizing the value of blogging for business. An ongoing stream of more traditional news organizations, including Forbes, are increasingly seeing blogging as the easiest way of distributing business content and resources. These blogs too will continue to be great resources for any entrepreneur. CNBC


Rumors of my death… All this latest talk of business blogging’s demise seems to have originated with none other than the New York Times which, in February, tried to put the final nail in the coffin. But, hold on there, say B2B leaders. The reality on the ground is quite a bit different. Want to see how much blogging is still a part of small business strategy? Read on. B to B


In a nutshell. If you want to know why blogging is still relevant and what it can do for your small business, probably no better or simpler explanation exists than this one from small business journalist Linsey Graham. If you want to sell blogging to your boss or the owner of the small business you manage, or if, as an entrepreneur, you need more assurance of its relevance, look no further. Small Business News Center

Dispelling the doubts and fears. There are probably lots of reasons your business may have decided to this point not to get involved with blogging, or, once you got started, not to stick it out and keep your business blog alive. Here are some thoughts that have probably already occurred to your team about why blogging is an impractical choice for you…and some reasons you may be wrong! Business 2 Community

Success Stories

Blog as small business. Though one definite use for blogs is as an enhancement or marketing tool for your existing business, the fact is, as we’ve said before, that blogs themselves can be businesses too. One example is Bag Snob, the handbag review blog started by Tina Craig and Kelly Cook that now generates a six figure revenue stream with little investment except Craig’s and Cook’s brutally honest product reviews. Profits come from affiliate marketing, sponsorships and other related revenue. The Business of Fashion

Why small businesses still benefit the most. When it comes to investment in online marketing including blogging, social media and SEO, small businesses are still taking the lead while larger firms use more traditional marketing strategies. Also, while social media sites seem to have niches with some more helpful to B2B companies and others more helpful to B2C, blogs seem to work effectively with all business models. How do you use your business blog? ClickZ

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  1. Nice job on this mash-up of blog information and news.

    Blogging has opened many doors for me, and I’ll continue to write posts, as long as they still work.

    The Franchise King®

  2. Great list, I need to pass this along to some of my more “reluctant to blog” clients. Convincing a small business owner that expressing himself online will help is a constant challenge.

  3. Phil @ Startup Resources

    I do not think blogging is dead their was a ‘blogging bubble’. So many people started blogging and gave up after a handful of posts I used to see blogs everywhere I looked online but now it is only the big blogs that I see now.

  4. Thanks goodness, it seems to me that small businesses are starting to see the light about what a cost effective marketing and positioning tool blogging is when it’s done properly.

    Thanks for this compilation of really useful information to support the cause.