Cbeyond Announces Sponsorship of Womenetics’ Entrepreneurship Event

Atlanta (PRESS RELEASE – June 25, 2011) – Cbeyond, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY), a leading provider of IT and communications services to small businesses, announced its sponsorship of the second annual Womenetics’ symposium for women business owners, “Entrepreneurs 2011: Turning Vision into Value.” The symposium will be held on June 23, 2011, from 7:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. ET at the Cobb Energy Centre.

“Cbeyond recognizes the powerful role female entrepreneurs play in driving our economy forward,” said Neil Hediger, senior director of marketing and customer loyalty at Cbeyond. “The entire Womenetics platform provides outstanding insight into growth strategies for women who own and operate businesses. Cbeyond’s focus on small business leads us naturally to support this growing – and in fact leading – market, and we are excited to play a part in advancing women entrepreneurs.”

At its second annual symposium, Womenetics will focus on taking an in-depth look at revenue thresholds and exploring ways women can gain equal access to funding and capital to build thriving businesses in the recovering economy. Featuring a keynote address from Barbara Kasoff, CEO of Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc., attendees will gain the knowledge needed to drive their businesses to financial success.

“AMEX Open recently reported that women-owned businesses in the U.S. generate $1.3 trillion in revenues and employ 7.7 million people, and Georgia had the largest increase in women-owned businesses of any state in the nation,” said Elisabeth Marchant, president and CEO of Womenetics. “Women entrepreneurs have never been more important to the growth of our state and nation than they are today, and we’re thrilled Cbeyond clearly understands the need to nurture and support these vital leaders.”

About Cbeyond

Cbeyond, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY) is a leading provider of IT and communications services to more than 58,000 small businesses in the U.S. Serving growing entrepreneurs, Cbeyond offers more than 30 productivity-enhancing applications including local and long-distance voice, broadband Internet, mobile, BlackBerry®, voicemail, email, Web hosting, fax-to-email, data backup, file-sharing, and virtual private networking. In addition, Cbeyond’s Cloud Services division offers virtual and dedicated services and cloud PBX to small businesses worldwide. Recently, the Cloud Services division won Microsoft’s Hosting Partner of the Year Award for 2009 and 2010 in connection with Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server product. Winning more than 50 awards for product innovation, growth and a quality customer experience, Cbeyond continues to focus on helping small businesses succeed and grow through high-performance technology, superior services and world-class support.

About Womenetics

Womenetics is a business media platform providing substantive information for and about women. Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Websites for Women, Womenetics celebrates women in the workplace and focuses on them as leaders, exploring how women’s abilities can be effectively employed to impact critical challenges – the economy, politics, health, social issues and education. Womenetics inspires women to become engaged, control their destinies and take their place in business and the public realm. Through compelling content online, at events and within a web-based community, Womenetics cultivates relationships between its audience and foremost thought leaders around global issues, leadership development and business insights. For individuals and companies, Womenetics brings powerful ideas and lessons for change, and is today’s imperative for business success.

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