Docupace Introduces Turnkey Straight-Through Processing System

Los Angeles (PRESS RELEASE – June 2, 2011) – In an industry-changing launch, Docupace Technologies introduces ePACS, an innovative web-based system, customizable and scalable for any size office. The next generation of the proven Docupace model, ePACS is the first web-based electronic paperless app and check service that transparently combines document imaging, document and check scanning, signatures, eForms, Check21 processing, and workflow automation. This groundbreaking — and turnkey — solution satisfies operations, compliance, and risk management. Through an online subscription-based service leveraging economies of scale, even smaller offices can benefit from Docupace’s industry-leading solutions, server capacity, storage, and the processing speed that larger firms require, all for a reasonable fee.

In creating the ePACS model, Docupace patented many of the components built specifically for customer need, to customer demand. ePACS allows a complete degree of autonomy and self-sufficiency — users can change roles and work assignments without refiguring the entire system, for example — but customers receive strong support through a robust help desk and dynamic marketing resources, which help broker-dealers deploy the solution to the field.

While many broker-dealers have some form of electronic workflow process in place, it is often contained within the walls of the home or field office. Traditional workflow solutions achieve only “part-through processing,” almost inevitably resulting in delays and mistakes caused by waiting for physical signatures on documents and the laborious step-by-step approval process of paper applications that would be mailed or faxed (a security risk).

With ePACS’ web-based system, all parties can communicate electronically no matter their location, and every step of the process is workflow-enabled to eliminate holdups and expedite new or ongoing investment. ePACS is the only solution that accommodates all lines of business for an office.

As increasing numbers of banks, fund and insurance companies, and clearing houses remove the restrictions on electronic business, ePACS becomes an even more vital tool. The unique security model built into the ePACS solution provides for both accountability and flexibility. Everyone has access to workflow and documentation as appropriate to their level of entitlement. Audits become simple and efficient, check blotters are created automatically, and supervision can be accomplished easily at the field and home office level.

In short, ePACS provides institutional-level security and unparalleled resources for workflow automation and electronic processing. It is truly a multi-million dollar system, yielding tremendous results. Yet through economies of scale and a business model based on online subscriptions, this comprehensive tool is priced for even a small office to be able to integrate the functionality — and see a ROI from day one.

About Docupace Technologies, Inc.

Docupace, a privately-held company based in Los Angeles, is an industry leader in delivering SEC/FINRA compliant paperless processing systems to financial services firms. With ePACS, Docupace allows broker-dealers to connect systems, documents, and data seamlessly for cost savings, efficiency, and overall better business. Over 300 clients, including some of the largest broker-dealers in the marketplace, are using Docupace and the ePACS solution to streamline their business workflow, store hundreds of millions of documents, and make efficient straight-through processing a reality.

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