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Atlanta, Georgia (PRESS RELEASE – June 10, 2011) – FRONT40, a small business “educational and enrichment” firm focusing on small business owners, is providing Atlanta business owners the opportunity to participate in FRONT40’s Index interview series, whereby information will be gathered for their upcoming edition of The Entrepreneur’s Guide. The in-person interview utilizes a fun and engaging iPad application, which privately records the business owner’s understanding of how his or her mindset, personality, and behavioral reactions to economic factors influence the various decisions that are made within their company.

FRONT40 ‘s unique approach to small business education stems from the entrepreneurial spirit that drives a company from its inception. When a business owner has the tools that result from FRONT40’s Education and Enrichment programs, true improvement in the business extends far beyond the balance sheet and into their family and personal life as well. “A private business is a living, breathing organism; it’s more than just the facilities and equipment within it.” explains Larry Allen, one of FRONT40’s founding partners.

“Most of the companies we work with share many common challenges alongside their natural pride in their accomplishments. Many business owners would like to preserve the ‘family-business’ atmosphere, yet are faced with the need or desire to continue to grow and increase profitability in a very challenging economic environment.” FRONT40’s Index interview is the first step in creating visibility and understanding the keys to overcome these challenges.

After completing their launch, Front40’s management and analysts look forward to rolling up their shirtsleeves and working hard alongside Atlanta’s small business owners. States Allen: “The Index interview is just the beginning; we will use the information gathered not only to support The Entrepreneur’s Guide, but we will relay those insights back to help that business owner realize greater profitability from the inside out”.

Front40’s Index interviews are under an hour, and the participant is given a detailed report of the interview results. This valuable information can help establish the foundation for how a small business owner can operate a more successful company, based on understanding their behavior patterns.

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About FRONT40

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Front40’s leadership includes experts in business finance, human resources, operational management, sales and marketing who bring a unique, alternative approach to traditional small business consulting methodology.

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