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Here are some legal and policy issues small business owners should be aware of this week. Be sure to check through this legal and policy news roundup for the issues directly affecting your small business or entrepreneurial venture.


No-match letters a new headache for entrepreneurs. No-match letters from the Social Security Administration are back. The letters are issued when an employee’s name doesn’t match an existing social security number. The implications are obvious. But what should you do if you get one of these in the mail? 365 Days of Startups

Wage and hour lawsuits the lates threat. There were 40,000 of these in 2010, up 15 percent over the previous year. And one expert says they’ve replaced discrimination lawsuits as every small business owner’s worst nightmare. So what about you? Are you one of the small business owners out there who’ve experienced one of these?  Grow Smart Biz


Does your business need a non-disclosure agreement? Many times your ideas, including business model, are the only true capital you bring to your company. So obviously failing to protect these important assets is the same as failing to protect your business. Noobpreneur

The law and your social media campaign. Yes, there could be repercussions even for something as seemingly benign as social media. Issues that might arise range from Federal Trade Commission issues to employee conduct. Being deliberate about your social media efforts is an important part of the equation. Here’s more. Get Busy Media


Would a payroll tax break help your business? The topic is apparently being discussed among members of the administration’s advisory team as worries about the economy continue. Of course, small business leaders would support any tax cut, but general tax breaks for all Americans, giving them more disposable income to spend on small business, would help even more. Bloomberg

Cap on debit swipe cards a victory for small business? It is being hailed as a victory for both small businesses and the consumer. The U.S. Senate has rejected efforts to delay the caps that will be put on debit swipe fees as of July 21. Will this new change help your business? Fox Small Business Center

Our two cents. Small Business Trends has been closely covering the issue of “swipe” fees since 2009 and while everyone can understand the benefit of limiting these fees for small retailers, the question remains whether more regulation is ever a good solution. Here is Small Business Trends founder and editor Anita Campbell with another view of the “swipe fee” issue. Small Business Trends


How to lower legal fees for your small business. As important as good legal help can be for your business, curbing expenses is another key consideration for every entrepreneur. The key is to make the most out of what you are paying for in legal fees. Here are some examples of maximizing the benefits. Noobpreneur


Legal steps to protect your brand. We may not always think first and foremost of branding as a legal issue in small business, but here we see the importance of legal steps taken to protect your small business’s brand. Consider these steps when beginning your business. Remember the importance of a strong brand to promote your business into the future. 365 Days of Startups


A Michigan law firm donates $1 million in legal services. In an effort to encourage business growth in the state, including startups, a law firm will donate $1 million in legal services associated with starting a business over the next five years. Businesses will need to apply for the services and they will be awarded on a case by case basis. Watch the video.  ABC News

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