Merchant Processing Company Announces New Mobile Product

Tampa, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – June 1, 2011) – Florida-based merchant processing company, Commersense, has announced the launch of a new application-based solution for mobile merchant processing.

“We recognize that many businesses are on the move today, so we’ve expanded our product line to offer our clients wireless freedom.  With mobile based and wireless card processing solutions, you can take your business and your transactions on the road,” said Christopher Kille, President of Commersense.

Founded in 2006, Commersense is a full service business solutions provider offering merchant processing services, credit card equipment sales and leasing, merchant cash advances, payroll and employee benefits and more. Commersense assists clients in finding the best rates for processing payment transactions and offers efficient solutions for credit and debit transactions, online transactions, check processing, payroll services and now mobile-based transactions.

The new application-based solution for wireless card transactions offered by Commersense allows businesses to process transactions on the go by simply attaching a small device to their smart phone. The mobile credit card processing attachment provides businesses with a fast and easy terminal for real-time processing. The application is compatible with the majority of smart phones currently on the market.

Commersense provides cost-effective custom merchant solutions for all clients, therefore the prices of products and services may vary.

Kille added, “Many large companies are offering mobile processing products, but we want our clients to continue to receive the one on one attention they get here at Commersense. By adding mobile processing solutions to our line of products, our clients can continue to use Commersense as their one stop shop for merchant processing.”

Commersense serves a number of small businesses within the United States, and is capable of serving international clients. The new mobile product primarily appeals to business owners in the service industry including plumbers, electricians, pool and lawn services, cosmetics and medical sales representatives, drivers, and more. Mobile card transactions eliminate the need for business owners and employees to record a customer’s card information or call their brick and mortar location with the transaction information.

During the month of June, Commersense will be waiving the application fees associated with mobile processing. An available representative can be contacted by calling (813) 489-8501 or by emailing

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