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We’ve talked about social media marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your business. Now it’s time to look more deeply into the mechanisms that make SEM and, to a lesser degree, social media work for your Web presence. We are talking here about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the overall method for getting more traffic to your Website from search engines, and it starts like this:

Basic Overview

Getting the most out of Google. Since the latest Google update, online businesses and other Web publishers have been focusing on what they may be doing wrong to incur the wrath of the search engines. As it turns out, however, there are also some things you can do that are very right when it comes to improving the way your business shows up in search results. Here’s Aaron Wall to tell you how. SEO Book

The problem with keywords. When considering SEO, the first place most small business owners should start is with the content creation they do for their Website, blog or social media presence. And the most important aspect of this process from the search engine’s perspective is perhaps the use of keywords. Mastering keywords is the first step in learning about the connection between search engine results and the content you create. But many first time content creators may need a bit of help along the way. Leading Results


All about inbound marketing. The thing we call inbound marketing is evolving and often has more than one definition. In this case, think of it as the combination of good content, SEO and social media that helps potential customers find your Web presence and eventually buy from you. But how does inbound marketing work, and how can your small business use it effectively? Virtuosi Media

SEO run amok! Here are five things you definitely want to avoid in your Search Engine Optimization efforts when starting out. Learning the basics can be a real challenge, and some techniques that might at first seem like good ideas turn out to be bad ideas in the end. Good SEO can result from trial and error, but avoiding some of the obvious pitfalls is also beneficial.  Small Business Trends

Public Relations

The power of PR. While many public relations folks may know zilch about SEO, Conrad Saam, marketing chief for online legal directory Avvo, suspects the same is true of Search Engine Optimization experts when it comes to PR savvy. But why is it important to interest mainstream journalists in your latest online marketing efforts anyway? Three words: high value links. Search Engine Land


Blending search with apps. A new startup is blending two of the most powerful concepts of the Internet in a new approach that may dramatically change the nature of search. How might such innovations change your search engine marketing and the way you manage SEO to keep your brand and Website on top? WSJ

Advanced Techniques

Small biz SEO. Techniques for maintaining good SEO are the same whether your business is large or small.  Though the size and resources of your company may determine how you implement them. Here are ten tips for link building no matter what size your company may be. Small Business Marketing

Getting creative when managing search marketing. There is no one way to market your business effectively on the Web or anywhere else. Though certainly there is a body of techniques proven effective online, the fact is that individual creativity can play a huge role. Duplicating someone else’s approach may not always yield the same results. Be creative. Be innovative. Stand apart. Search Engine Watch


SEO more science than magic. To prove that the techniques used to make Websites easier to find by their target audience attracting more organic traffic from search engines is not a dark art but in many ways a simple, beneficial and helpful science, Danny Sullivan introduces the comprehensive “Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors,” a chart that may have the unfortunate side effect of making you think you’re back in high school chemistry. Search Engine Land


How much should online marketing cost you? Whether you’re doing it yourself or outsourcing the efforts to an “expert” or “guru,” one SEO firm claims small businesses should pay for online marketing efforts based on the results they receive. Main Street SEO provides a free report to guide small businesses when buying SEO services. Whether you outsource or do the work yourself, what is SEO costing you? Web Wire

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    Search Engine Optimization is now more of a necessity than a choice while doing your business online. I enjoyed reading some of these links, especially the one on the importance of keywords. I have to agree that finding the right keywords can boost your site traffic drastically, therefore, adequate time should be spent on finding the right ones. Thanks for sharing!

    Riya Sam
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  2. The SEO world has blown up in terms of the offerings that are available. In my experience there are very few professionals out there that really know what they are talking about.

    Too often do I see companies advertising – “Get on the top of Google!, only $100 a month!”


    So just like many “new” marketing ideas there seem to be more people selling garbage than really doing the work… Go White Hat!

    Jon Frampton

  3. Agree with above — if it were really that easy and effortless to climb to the top in search, everyone would be doing it for $100/mo!

    The penalties for black hat seo are severe. It’s not worth it.

  4. Conrad from Avvo

    Hey – many thanks for covering my Search Engine Land Article on PR and SEO!

    -Conrad from Avvo

  5. A good website is an extension of your sales team, and good eMarketing strategies are like prospecting to provide quality leads. Like any sales position you need to know your website’s closing percentage. This is key to understand how much more relevant traffic needs to be driven to close more business.

    eMarketing tools like SEO, PPC, SMM, Blogging and the like are great, but there needs to be a strategy in place to leverage these medias. Benchmarks need to be established to make sure sales goals are achieved.

    As co owner of a digital marketing agency, the bottom line is what clients care about. Regardless of a $1,000 or $100,000 a month investment clients need to see results that are benefiting their business and providing ROI (avoid the $100 top of Google companies like the plague).

    We have created a unique product offering called “social listening” which has been working well for our agency and our clients. Check out our blog for more info,

    Nice article, thanks for sharing.