Teamly Review Is a New Way to Focus on Priority Tasks

Focus. We can talk about it all day, but it’s hard to do with the many things you face as a small business owner wearing too many hats. You can create a grand plan and fancy to-do list, but if you don’t focus on the important stuff and do it–well, then, it’s just a list. Teamly is a new type of task management tool–one that forces you to stay focused on priorities.

teamly for focusing on priority tasks

Teamly is an individual productivity tool, but it also serves as team performance management software. It has sharing and reporting aspects that make it useful for individuals, managers and directors (meaning those who manage multiple companies as an active angel or venture capitalist).

What I really like:

  • I like that I can quickly enter a bunch of tasks, in traditional to-do list fashion, and later prioritize them for myself or my team.
  • The ability to drag and drop priorities into next week or next month is sweet. Plans change.
  • It’s elegantly simple. Enter a task. Mark it started or complete.
  • I can set reminders for each day’s priorities and for whenever a team member suggests a task.

What I would have liked to see:

  • Since I have managed many to-do lists in a spreadsheet, I’d like to be able to mass upload them in a batch and then edit and organize them within the Teamly dashboard.
  • Downloadable help documents instead of just video and posts. Many of the small, distributed teams I know would share these documents on a collaborative file system.

All in all, Teamly gives you a great ability to keep yourself focused. You don’t have to go any further than the basic dashboard to see what you’ve committed to do that day. They offer a free starter plan (ad-supported), but also have a special 3-month discount offer (good until June 30) that is only $2/user per month instead of the usual $8/user/month. It is so simple, elegant and useful that I had to make this a super-short post, so you could get right into it yourself and start focusing on priority one!

Learn more about Teamly.


TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.

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  1. Martin Lindeskog

    TJ: I definitively have to check out this tool during the summer. Could you compare and contrast it with some other online tools?

  2. Nice post! To manage my tasks and collaborate with my team I am using DeskAway but will give Teamly a try…