Tailor-Made Magazine Announces Affordable Marketing Tool for Business Owners

Portland, Oregon (PRESS RELEASE – July 29, 2011) – Imagine sending clients and prospects a glossy full-color 20-page magazine every quarter. The cover includes your company’s name and logo, the company president’s photo, a group shot or the option to feature a customer. The inside features a personal letter along with 19 pages of professionally designed and written content – covering topics like golf, travel, philanthropy, technology, and food. Now imagine sending this high-end marketing tool to 500 clients every quarter for as little as $1,150. And yes, that price includes creative, production, and printing costs!

It sounds too good to be true, but thanks to Tailor-Made Magazine, high-class drip marketing just became more affordable. According to President Angela Willis, the custom product is ideal for businesses that maintain regular communications with clients and prospects. Financial advisors, accountants, insurance agents, healthcare providers, mortgage brokers, law firms, chiropractors, and fitness clubs are just a few examples of the types of companies that use the magazine. Because none of the articles cover financial topics, compliance is a breeze for financial advisors.

Willis also owns PrintSync, a Portland-based company specializing in digital printing, direct mail processing, and distribution, so it was a natural fit to add Tailor-Made Magazine to her suite of services. Since purchasing the company, she’s been busy revamping the custom options and updating the website, all while keeping the presses rolling to produce magazines for existing clients.

“As a small business owner and as a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, I know it’s difficult for executives to find the time and budget to manage marketing and communication,” Willis says. “Many companies pay $3,000 or more for custom written and designed newsletters – and that’s not including the cost to print and mail. Now, with Tailor-Made Magazine, businesses have an easy solution that’s better than a custom newsletter and requires very little time and budget. It’s a win-win.”

The goal of regular client communication is to achieve top-of-mind awareness. When customers and prospects have a need, they should think of your company first. By integrating Tailor-Made Magazine into the marketing mix, a company can add four additional positive touch points each year.

In addition to direct mail, the magazines can be used as brochures, presentation enclosures, and leave-behinds. “It’s an impressive oversized business card,” Willis says. “This is a marketing piece that business owners are proud to share with clients. It provides maximum branding for minimal budget.” The magazine is also available in PDF format.

Tailor-Made Magazine’s fall 2011 edition is ready for viewing. The order deadline is Aug. 16.

About Tailor-Made Magazine

Based in Portland, Ore., Tailor-Made Magazine helps businesses across the nation reach out to their customers and prospects every quarter with custom high-quality lifestyle magazines.

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