Clinton Foundation and UBS Wealth Management Americas Launch CEO-UBS Small Business Advisory Program

New York (PRESS RELEASE – July 9, 2011) – The William J. Clinton Foundation and UBS Wealth Management Americas (UBS WMA) announced the launch of the CEO-UBS Small Business Advisory Program, a philanthropic partnership aimed at providing small business owners in underserved communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to support business expansion and job growth. The partnership will see the Foundation’s Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative (CEO) and UBS WMA conducting a series of financial advisory mentorship programs. Each participating small business owner will receive tailored pro bono advice from a dedicated UBS Financial Advisor, as well as access to UBS WMA’s client network of experienced business leaders and the firm’s intellectual capital.

“Small businesses are our nation’s most vital source of job creation. They have driven success and innovation since our country’s inception and are at the core of our economy,” said President Clinton. “Our partnership with UBS Wealth Management Americas will give these businesses essential new opportunities to expand and to make a positive difference in underserved communities.”

The CEO-UBS Small Business Advisory Program will commence with a six month pilot program beginning this summer in the New York City metropolitan area. During the pilot phase, CEO and UBS WMA will engage entrepreneurs in underserved communities, who are currently running high-growth businesses with significant potential for job creation. Each entrepreneur will be matched with a UBS Financial Advisor and a dedicated participant from his or her corresponding client network. Over the course of the pilot, advisors and client business leaders will work together to provide strategic financial and business advice for each entrepreneur, as well as best practices for achieving growth and long-term success. Additionally, UBS WMA and CEO will host a series of supplementary group workshops, providing program participants with the opportunity to garner insights from guest speakers and additional UBS professionals.

“When we launched our Revitalizing America initiative earlier this year, I said that a spirit of partnership is essential as we work to rebuild our economy. With that in mind, I am pleased that the Clinton Foundation has partnered with UBS, our advisors and our clients, so that together we can support small businesses as they pursue their growth goals,” said Robert J. McCann, Chief Executive Officer of UBS Wealth Management Americas.

Further details about the program will be announced in the coming weeks.

About the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative

Building on President Clinton’s long-term commitment to economic advancement, the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative (CEO) works to accelerate economic progress in underserved communities in the United States by promoting entrepreneurship and advancing business-to-business public service. Through programs that provide entrepreneurs with support, ideas, and tools that can help them succeed in the marketplace, CEO aims to empower growing businesses, create jobs, generate wealth, and promote lasting economic development.

About UBS Wealth Management Americas


UBS Wealth Management Americas provides advice-based relationships through financial advisors who deliver a fully integrated set of products and services specifically designed to address the needs of ultra high net worth, high net worth and core affluent individuals and families. It includes the Wealth Management US business, the domestic Canadian business and the international business booked in the United States.

About UBS Wealth Management Americas Revitalizing America Initiative

Launched in response to investors’ deep concerns about America’s long-term economic growth, UBS Wealth Management Americas Revitalizing America Initiative comprises a series of speaking engagements that UBS will host over the course of the year, aimed at forging common ground and discussing how, together, we can revitalize the U.S. economy. In support of the initiative, UBS WMA has published “Revitalizing America: Forging a New Path toward Economic Prosperity,” a report on the challenges facing the nation’s economy.

About UBS

UBS draws on its 150-year heritage to serve private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as retail clients in Switzerland. The firm combines its wealth management, investment banking and asset management businesses with its Swiss operations to deliver superior financial solutions.


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