DSTech Solutions Launches Web-Based Business Software for Non-Techie Entrepreneurs

Houston, Texas (PRESS RELEASE – July 25, 2011) – IT company DSTech Solutions announced the launch of PlutoPort, a comprehensive small business management software. The website-based ERM application operates on a monthly subscription plan and provides the core functions small business owners use, including: contact management, creating invoices, estimates, and expenses, leads management, and organizing tasks.

Lead Partner Sam Urick described the philosophy that sets PlutoPort apart from other business software, “All small business owners need a way to organize their company information and workflow – contacts, sales leads, tasks, invoices, expenses, etc. Most have the same negative experience when they try to use software. It is either so simple that it does not address real business requirements or it is so complex that they need an internal IT staff and considerable training. Our product strikes the perfect balance. It is powerful enough to provide the needed tools without requiring extensive training and since it is run from the cloud you won’t need IT support just to use it.”

As business apps go, PlutoPort is simplified and streamlined to the core functions small businesses typically need. DSTech’s web-based approach means no downloading or installing for the customer. They chose to employ well established internet and database technologies in building the platform to ensure stability and maximum compatibility with PC, Mac, and even iPads and Android based systems. But while the technology is long established, the design takes its cue from the app-based mindset of today – very simple tabs and an economy of functions. According to the people at DSTech, this means most people can get started quickly on the system and use it effectively for their business. Pragmatism in a time-crunched active work environment common to small business were key priorities in their design.

Lead partners Denise and Sam Urick are a husband and wife technical team. The two have led large projects involving IT, data security, and business operations for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and American Express; as well as Galveston’s major hospital facility UTMB, an international non-profit organization, and an entire municipal county in California. They have also done work in and for countless small businesses. Denise notes, “Throughout our 20 plus years of experience, we’ve come to recognize the things that make a business successful, and have used our technical skills to help smaller businesses accomplish those things that normally only larger businesses have the ability to do. PlutoPort comes from our recognition that most small business owners either don’t have the technical inclination or time to devote to transitioning to most of the business software that’s out there. They’re busy making money, and we want our product to help that, not get in the way.”

To the technically minded, programmers, and people who often review software, PlutoPort is going to look almost too simple but this, say the team, is by design. Other than the help, admin, and account buttons off to the side, there are only four simple tabs: Profiles, Accounting, Leads, and Tasks. Sam says, “We know many businesses use programs like QuickBooks for their financial functions, so we made the info from PlutoPort’s accounting section exportable in a form these kinds of programs can use.” The PlutoPort home page (called “Mission Control”) brings together a number of lists and status windows to give an overall glimpse of what a user has going on with their business.

“PlutoPort is not going to be for everyone.” Sam cautions, “That’s the problem with what’s out there now. They try to please everyone and be all things to all people, and the smaller business people are left with some convoluted hard-to-understand piece of software. PlutoPort, above all, is about getting on board, getting going, and moving on to making profit with your business.”

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