Free Google Places SEO Report for Seattle Area Small Businesses Now Available

Bothell, Washington (PRESS RELEASE – Jul 25, 2011) – Hullabaloo New Media Marketing is offering a new free report – “Google Places SEO: How to Create a Great Listing for Your Business”. Seattle area professionals and small business owners can have instant access by downloading it directly from the website. The report discusses how to set up Google Places for maximum marketing exposure online.

The Google Places page is a free marketing tool available to brick and mortar businesses around the globe – part of Google’s effort to maintain its position as the world’s leading search engine by including local businesses in its search results pages. Google Places works in conjunction with Google Maps, and creates a business listing that displays address, hours of operation, description of the products and services available and other information helpful to customers.

“Because Google Places is a free service, local business owners often overlook its potential as a marketing tool. They think they can just leave it alone and automatically reap the benefits from the additional online exposure,” said Alex Mickus, Owner of Hullabaloo New Media Marketing.

“But it’s important to remember that every Google Places page will be competing with those from similar local businesses to stand out or rank in first position and get the customers’ clicks. By understanding the value of this free piece of online real estate — and taking the time to strategically optimize their business listing with keywords relevant to the products and services offered – local business owners can build a strong and meaningful online presence,” added Alex.

It’s possible to boost the position of a Google Places business listing so that it shows up in that desirable and lucrative first position for important keyword terms by taking the time to implement time-tested SEO techniques for both on page and off site optimization. Activities such as adding and labeling images, strategically selecting categories, adding geo sitemaps, and carefully building backlinks all contribute to improve Page visibility. But they can also be tedious and time-consuming for a small business owner who already has too many projects on deck.

“Hullabaloo New Media Marketing can manage all aspects of online marketing for local business owners – including Google Places pages – so they don’t have to worry about keeping up with the newest online marketing trends. They can sit back and let us handle everything,” said Alex.

About Hullabaloo New Media Marketing

This Bothell company specializes in local search engine optimization, social media management, video marketing and mobile marketing. It’s based in Washington State, northeast of Seattle, and north of Bellevue and Redmond. Owner Alex Mickus is an expert in various internet marketing technologies, has a background as a professional video game designer, and holds a graduate degree in Music Production. He understands the importance of balancing practical applications with cutting edge technology.

He also knows that although many small business owners understand how important the internet is – and what a powerful marketing tool it can be – few have the time to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that technology now offers, so he is committed to providing that service to them.

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