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If you need small business advice, we’ve got it. And you can have it for free. We offer roundups everyday of the business week and ask only that you share something useful with someone else if you find it here. From startup to management to franchise and more, we hope to provide you always with the most useful news and information for your business. Let’s begin:

Simple Suggestions

Learning from your peers. What better way for small business owners to learn than from others who have experienced what they have, who have “been there done that” as the saying goes? This is one of the reasons for events like the recent #BBSMBchat on Twitter. If you missed the event go to the link above for highlights. Twitter Chat

Sandwich franchise leaves bad taste. If you think a franchise is somehow safer than starting a business from scratch, think again. Franchise expert Joel Libava tells the story of one franchiser that has proved this. Not all franchises are bad, of course, but each must be evaluated like any small business to find success. The Franchise King

Preparing for the Worst

Lemons into lemonade. Dr. Shannon Reece enlists the help of 47 entrepreneurs and small business owners who she says have come forward to help others with their small business goals and needs. How many times in your business have you been handed lemons and been asked to make lemonade? Strategies & Tactics for Women

Online tools for your small biz. From Drop Box to to Jungle Disk and more, here’s TJ McCue’s list of the top eight online backup tools for your business. They help you store what for many of us is our greatest asset in small business these days…our data. Don’t make the mistake of being caught unprepared. Open Forum

Growth & Change

Practicing at the art of compromise. This post comes by at a very timely moment as wrangling is still going on in Washington over a budget compromise that will solve a contentious debt ceiling issue. The resolution will likely not satisfy either side and you will likely have similar situations in business. Are you ready? Catarina’s World

Is your small business a luxury brand? Sometimes size isn’t important when it comes to growing your business even into a multinational business with locations around the world. Steve Abrams and his wife Tyra are the owners of Magnolia Bakery, maker of vintage cakes and deserts with just four locations in Manhattan and one in Los Angeles, but are now eyeing locations overseas. WSJ

Tips & Trends

Do you have an apetite for food startup? Traditionally not an easy business to get into, the food business has many barriers to entry and presents many challenges. But with many changes in attitudes about health and shifting tastes, it may also be one of the biggest opportunities out there for startup and growth. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Selling tips from TerraCycle? Learning how to effectively sell your product or service is the first step to serious small business success, but, of course, there are challenges along the way. Many startup entrepreneurs may have little or no sales training and just a passion for their idea. Here are ten tips from Tom Szaky, chief executive of the Trenton-based bike company. You’re the Boss

New Frontiers

Tips for the social entrepreneur. There’s a new kind of entrepreneur taking the world by storm. If your small business has another purpose too, consider reading these important tips for the social entrepreneur. Indeed many businesses start out with a goal to change the world. Here’s how to put your world-changing idea into action.

Stop looking in the rear view mirror. Keeping an eye on the competition from time to time can be a good business strategy. Becoming obsessed with your competition can ruin your business and your life. If you don’t know the difference, have we got a blog post for you? Jackie Purnell explains how to avoid competition neurosis. Respectfully Disobedient

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