Small Business Marketing: Tips That Pay

So, how is your marketing plan? Does it need some tweaking? As your business grows and your market changes, it almost certainly will. Sit back and enjoy as we share some tips that may help.

Google Plus

Deciding on Google Plus? Sure you might be more use to Facebook, today’s predominant social media network. But where is the future of your business, and more importantly, where is the future destination for your customers. This video looks at your options. MarketingProfessor

Where your customers are going? The best social network to use still a major issue? What if there were a place so popular that 20 million people visited in just three weeks? Are some of them your customers? iBlogNet

Tips & Techniques

How much do you know about your customers? Not enough, probably. Information you’ve collected about customers is a gold mine for marketing. But be sure to have a plan before moving forward. Decide what you need, how to collect it and how to use it. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Marketing with promotional items. They may be one of the oldest kinds of marketing or advertising going. But just because it’s old-fashioned doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Here are some thoughts on how to best use them. You’re the Boss


Should you be using video? The expansion of video marketing is huge and so is the opportunity for small business to take part. With cheaper and easier to operate cameras and editing equipment and the value of video marketing online, it’s time to develop your marketing plan. Small Business Trends

Marketing Basics

Setting the right tone with your PR. Is your business communication coming across the way you intend? It could be doing you a severe disservice if it’s not. The wrong words spoken or written can really end in trouble for your brand. EMSI

Google Places remain critical. If you have a local or regional customer base or a a physical office or other place of business, then you must take advantage of Google Places. Here’s how you go about being sure they can find you. Canuck CEO

Getting Results

In need of more response? The key may be a well composed call to action. You want your customers or online audience to do more than just sit there looking at your marketing content. How do you light a fire under them and get them moving? Read on. Small Business Trends


What is your ROI? You know all about social media, blogging, SEO and the rest. You’ve even probably seen instrances of where it has worked well for another business. But still you want specifics about the return on investment. It may be more complicated then you think. Tweak Your Biz

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  1. Excellent roundup – I think it’s also important not to forget the importance of Twitter in terms of marketing. Sure, a lot of people misuse it, but with the right techniques you can build a relevant audience of customers in a relatively short time.

    Gene Marks

  2. I am a referral marketing evangelist and love building my client list by way of referrals. I agree with you, gene as twitter could get you a large amount of profitable traffic if used correctly.

  3. Excellent article! Social media is quickly becoming the strongest marketing venue. Sites like twitter and linkedin is starting to show up just as much as Facebook. Marketing is quickly and steadily evolving.


  4. Can’t wait to apply these strategies… thanks

  5. These are some really great tips to follow. Social media and video marketing are wonderful assets to any business. It is also important to incorporate article marketing. It’s a great way to build credibility and to give your audience a sneak preview of the awesome goodies you have to offer.