VoicePlate.com Announces Small Business Stimulus Package

Los Angeles, California (PRESS RELEASE – July 1, 2011) – In an effort to support small businesses in today’s tough economic times, VoicePlate.com, a Southern California-based web development and hosting company, has partnered with small business organizations throughout the state of California to provide free websites to their new and existing members. The “1,000,000 Website Give Away” recently launched in California and will grow nationwide.

As many small businesses struggle to stay afloat, the cost for a professionally designed website is simply out of reach. Enter VoicePlate.com. VoicePlate is offering its already low cost service to small businesses at no cost. VoicePlate’s easy to use content management system allows small businesses to establish a professional online presence in minutes. Business owners can personalize their websites in real-time by uploading pictures, videos and adding content with the click of a button. By waiving the already low fee of $1.99 per month, VoicePlate.com instantly empowers small businesses to expand their marketability.

On June 17, 2011, VoicePlate.com held a press conference at the Los Angeles Medical Association to announce the small business stimulus package. VoicePlate.com Founder and CEO Joe Fahmy greeted guests and VoicePlate.com Executive Vice President Alana Troutt spoke about the specifics of the stimulus package and the company’s plans to launch first in California, then grow the stimulus package nationwide. On hand to show support were representatives from Senator Curren Price’s office and Dorothy Randle, Business Development Manager for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Office of Economic Development. Randle, a California native and longtime advocate for small businesses praised VoicePlate for launching the partnership in California and noted the immediate state of small businesses today. “These partnerships are for the health and wealth of our economy. We are in an urgent state right now…we have to create different tools for them (small businesses) to thrive. VoicePlate is creating that,” said Randle.

Dr. Moshe Lewis, a physician specializing in pain management, and one of the first small business owners to have a website on VoicePlate.com, described how he easily created his VoicePlate website in 90 minutes. Dr. Lewis said that he was “delighted that VoicePlate.com is really giving something to the small business owner to allow them to expand their services at almost a nominal cost as fancy web designs can be quite expensive and difficult for somebody to undertake.”

About VoicePlate.com

VoicePlate.com is a modular, fully interchangeable web development and online hosting company, which provides fast, easy and affordable websites for any event or business or presentation. Use VoicePlate for 1 month or 1 year for just $1.99 per month. No contract or hosting fees. Upload your photos and information easily. Sell your products online. Use any domain name. Your website will be up in minutes!

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