Business Expert Shares Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Spiraling Economy

Los Angeles (PRESS RELEASE – August 13, 2011) –  Shaan Kumar provides a handbook for 21st century entrepreneurs in “Vision, Brilliance, Success” (ISBN 1460904265). In 21 chapters, Kumar guides the reader through the process of starting a business and maintaining its success, and he outlines the fundamental components a businessperson needs in order to turn his or her vision into reality.

Kumar argues that with the current economic climate, there is an increased need for people to build their own businesses. He believes that aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit from the tactics included because these strategies allow independent businesses to reach their full potential.

The book is divided into seven units with three chapters per unit. Each chapter covers a different aspect of business tactics and includes a “golden rule” and “golden word.” Examples of topics include business plan elements as well as financial rules, and the book also features over 50 successful case studies of people confronting the basics of entrepreneurship.

“I have expressed how to shape your innovative idea so that it orchestrates people, processes and technology in this slow, financially stiff, competitive world,” says Kumar. “I have done all the things I advise in the book.”

Kumar inspires readers to create a unique product in high demand. He hopes that his practical guide will help readers in making a successful marketing plan that will satisfy consumers as well as their entrepreneurial dreams.

“Vision, Brilliance, Success” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author

Shaan Kumar, chairman of iGLOBAL Investment Group and founder and CEO of California InterContinental University, has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, global franchise development, establishment of strategic partnerships and joint ventures across multiple industries. Kumar has written many technical books, journals and articles, and is currently writing a series titled, “Just-N-Hour.” As an educator and a social entrepreneur, he established the Knowledge Foundation, which contributes to social causes, such as the empowerment of women and child education programs. He has offered scholarships, grants and free education to students globally, and aspires to provide affordable education and career development to thousands.


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