IAB Builds a National Small Business Healthcare Exchange

Washington (PRESS RELEASE – August 22, 2011) – Independent Association of Businesses (IAB) announced recently the creation of a national health care exchange that will offer small business owners and the self-employed greater options to obtain affordable health care and medical benefits.

Over the past six months IAB’s exploratory committee has examined the specific needs and availability of small business owners and those who are self-employed to obtain quality and affordable health insurance.  Upon conclusion of the committee’s findings the recommendation was to form a private national exchange based on participating state by state licensed insurance companies.  The exposure through a national collective exchange will offer even greater assistance to the over 35 million small business professionals who effectively can utilize this service.

The IAB Exchange is a timeless solution regardless of congressional and judicial uncertainty that permeates the individual and small business healthcare marketplace today.  The exchange offers multiple providers and additional healthcare and medical solutions that are not designed with the PPACA state and federal based exchanges.

“With the IAB Exchange we are in a position to educate the pillars of America’s strength, the small business owner, as to the various and changing options available for healthcare and medical benefits. We believe it will produce greater outcomes for the uninsured and underinsured both on the state and national basis,” said Shane M. Madigan, President of IAB.

About IAB

Independent Association of Businesses (IAB) is a 501 (c) 6 trade organization for the purpose of improving the conditions of small business owners and the self-employed.  Serving more than a million members in the past 30 years, IAB has been the innovator of change to help create economic prosperity and further entrepreneurism in America.


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