Infratel Releases Cloud-Based Telephony Service for SMB Market

San Diego (PRESS RELEASE – August 21, 2011) – Infratel, a leading provider of call center products and general telephony services for the SMB market, announced the market launch of a cloud-based service that makes it easy and inexpensive for any small- or mid-size business to have state of the art voice solutions. The announcement was made at HostingCon.

“Cloud computing has created an amazing opportunity for SMBs to immediately level the playing field when it comes to accessing phone systems equivalent to the ones used by their larger competitors,” said Jim Southwell, general manager of Infratel’s North American operations. “We’re currently selecting top web hosting firms to partner with us in distributing the service and hope to make a major impact in the market during 2012.”

The new hosted solution from Infratel provides a wide array of features for SMBs including the ability to: create unique inbound calling paths for better customer service; deliver calls to any available phone; route calls based on time of day or other business rules; allow users to set do-not-disturb status; and set-up unique mailboxes for the business and end-users.

In February, Infratel announced preliminary plans to work with Parallels in reaching their network of hosing partners. Parallels Automation automates the full lifecycle of hosted services and software — from service management and provisioning to customer self-service and datacenter management. It decreases the time spent on repetitive administration tasks and system maintenance allowing cloud service providers to focus on growth and profits.

The company’s Infra Call Center provides a suite of solutions that deliver call routing, reporting and analytics, IVR, call recording and proactive contact. Infra CommSuite delivers a robust software platform that serves the general telephony needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. The suite of software allows companies to reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

About Infratel

Infratel was founded in 1999 by managers and engineers from Genesys Labs (now an Alcatel-Lucent company) who had witnessed, firsthand, the challenges small- to mid-sized companies face with shrinking budgets and increasing demands. From its inception, Infratel’s goal has been to offer a world-class suite of contact center and interaction solutions designed primarily for small- and medium-sized businesses.

The company’s flagship product, Infra Call Center, is a pure SIP-based application built on Microsoft Windows Server. Its corporate telephony solution, Infra CommSuite, is one of only a few Microsoft Windows Server-based IP PBX solutions available. Both were developed to help executives, IT departments and call center managers to truly do more with less through innovative technology. Worldwide, Infratel has more than 700 customers and 10,000 users.


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