Internet Faxing Service Releases Industry-First Integration with Google Docs

Houston, Texas (PRESS RELEASE – August 23, 2011) – InterFAX, a leading provider of Internet faxing services, is taking an important step in bridging the gap between the virtual office and the physical office with its industry-first integration with Google Docs. InterFAX is announcing the new feature to enable its users to enjoy the flexibility that Google’s cloud services provide.

The Virtual Fax

Leading industries depend on faxes for critical communications and to transmit important documents. Restaurant websites and portals rely on faxing to transmit orders for delivery, hospitals and health care providers depend on faxes to communicate, and the banking and insurance industries require faxed copies of critical documents. Internet faxing streamlines the process allowing documents to be faxed quickly from users’ computers.

InterFAX is looking to leap the barrier between a completely virtualized work environment and the hard-copy reality of faxing. InterFAX’s new feature integrates its fax services with Google’s online productivity suite providing a much needed link for businesses looking to explore the benefits offered by Google’s services. This new feature is provided at no extra cost to InterFAX customers and is easy to set up and use.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Google Docs virtual nature provides a unique platform for businesses of all sizes that want to upload and access their important documents from the cloud. It is a cost effective and flexible option for businesses and allows companies more freedom for collaboration. InterFAX’s new Google Docs faxing feature builds on this flexibility allowing business to connect the cloud to the hardwired world of faxing.

“We take pride in the personal level of service that we offer to our users and in helping them grow their business through the time and cost savings that we provide,” said Avi Tessler, CEO North America of InterFAX. “We believe that our new support for Google Docs faxing will open up new avenues of communication and efficiency for users and will add a valuable and flexible tool to their set of productivity options.”

The integration with Google Docs provides a valuable time saving tool to InterFAX users. Where previously users would have to download files from Google Docs and convert them into a faxable format, now they merely need to click one button to fax. Additionally, the integration is extremely helpful for Gmail users as they can now view email attachments and fax them with just a few clicks.

Get Started Right Away

Setting up Google Docs faxing is a simple, two-step process that takes just a few minutes. Users simply need to turn on the feature on the InterFAX Control Panel and then add a single bookmarklet to their browser. Once they have accessed the Google Doc they wish to fax it only takes one click of the bookmarklet to prepare the document to fax. Users then only need to enter a fax number and send their fax.

Additionally, InterFAX users can rely on built-in Google features that make the process even easier. InterFAX will recognize names from users’ contact lists and auto-complete their contact information. Also, users can choose to use Google’s Optical Character Recognition technology if they would like to automatically transcribe faxes they receive.

The Google Docs integration is another addition to the extensive list of features that InterFAX offers its customers. On top of this, InterFAX provides an industry leading Fax API for developers that lets them build InterFAX’s service directly into their applications. Developers receive comprehensive support and can develop in any environment, allowing them to quickly and easily deliver custom faxing solutions.

About InterFAX

InterFAX is a privately-owned company which has been providing faxing services since 1996. Since then it has grown at a strong pace, and currently sends and receives over 70 million pages per year, communicating with fax machines in 195 countries, for clients in 157 territories. InterFAX services are used by companies of all sizes – from small office through enterprise. InterFAX operates faxing nodes in multiple locations worldwide, with inbound number availability in a dozen country codes. InterFAX sales and support are handled by local partners, and the InterfFAX web site is available in nine languages.

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