Profit and Laws Announces Publication of Book on Business Laws for Entrepreneurs

Chicago, Illinois (PRESS RELEASE – August 4, 2011) – Profit and Laws, Inc. announces the publication of a new book, Birth to Buyout: Law for the Life Cycle of Your Business, which gives entrepreneurs lessons on business law through the fictional (and humorous) story of two guys building a business. Though the law is real, the characters are not.

Birth to Buyout frames its narrative around Hap and Hazard, two men stuck in middle management, who seek to build a green tech company with the help of their corporate lawyer, Gravity. The story follows Hap and Hazard from a conglomerate cubicle farm to entrepreneurial daring and success. The book’s author, business lawyer and blogger Coco Soodek, said, “I wanted to write business law the way I see it: as a necessary partner to people trying to create something. I drew on the dozens of people I’ve worked with over the years who help make the American economy hum.”

Birth to Buyout has already helped a few small business owners and lawyers chart their course through business law issues. Cameron Henneke, owner of GQueues, an online task manager that integrates with Google Apps said, “I’m an entrepreneur and founder of a tech startup (my first). After reading Birth to Buyout, I couldn’t help thinking how much time and energy I could have saved if this book had been available when I first started my company…two years ago I quit my job to begin a new adventure – just like Hap and Hazard, the more-than-amusing characters in Birth to Buyout that keep the business topics light and moving forward. And just like them, I had no clue about how to start a business, or what to do once it was running. Coco Soodek helps inspired dreamers answer the question, “So now what do I do?”

Profit and Laws, Inc., the publisher of Birth to Buyout, felt that given the current state of the American economy, it was especially critical to provide a guide that would help and inspire entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“We think that Birth to Buyout can make a real contribution to the economic recovery,” said Soodek. “Study after study shows that all net new jobs come from startups, and we hope to motivate those who are considering starting a new business to actually take the plunge into entrepreneurship. This book lays everything out step by step and shows readers that their business – and dream – is possible.”

Birth to Buyout is organized into natural milestones in the life cycle of a business: Getting Organized, Getting Funded, Getting the Rights, Getting it Made, Getting it Sold, Getting Protection, and Getting Rich. Within each phase, business law is outlined and explained in plain English. Not only are business owners given many of the answers they need, but Birth to Buyout points out the questions they should be asking in the first place. Each section then checks in with the book’s characters, Hap and Hazard, to see how their business is coming along and illustrates their struggles, concerns, and victories.

Birth to Buyout: Law for the Life Cycle of Your Business is available in paperback and for immediate download on Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and iPad.

About Coco Soodek

Coco Soodek is a corporate lawyer who has worked in “Big Law” for 14 years. With broad experience as outside general counsel to a wide variety of companies, she helps craft and complete business deals in art, advertising, stage and rock shows, manufacturing, trucking, and consumer electronics. In 2009, Coco was honored to make “40 Under 40” in Crain’s Chicago Business – an annual list naming outstanding young professionals to watch. She is a member in the Fellows of the American Bar Association, an honorary organization of attorneys, judges, law faculty, and legal scholars. She has been admitted to practice law in Illinois since 1997, immediately following her graduation from Northwestern University School of Law.

About Profit and Laws, Inc.

Profit and Laws produces holdable, foldable legal maps to guide American Entrepreneurs. People who want to start a business, grow a business, or help other people run their businesses will find real world information about business law at Designed to make business law more available and accessible to more people, Profit and Laws publishes business and financial information in articles that are easy to understand. Technology and the American culture of entrepreneurs make online, retail, franchise, consulting, home-based and other businesses possible today like never before. The mission of Profit and Laws is to empower entrepreneurs to start businesses and fulfill their dreams, and, in the process, create jobs in America.

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