Roost Report Finds that Most SMB Facebook Fans Aren’t Local

San Francisco, California (PRESS RELEASE – August 3, 2011) – With more than 800 U.S. small businesses evaluated by the free Roost Local Scorecard, local businesses are stunned by how many of their fans are not, in fact, local.

Roost, a technology company committed to helping small businesses go social, recently launched a free Scorecard evaluation to help local businesses or independent professionals determine if they are successfully penetrating their local market and customer base with their Facebook marketing efforts.

With hundreds of non-Roost and Roost users evaluated in just one month after the Scorecard app’s launch, Roost is able to determine that only 15 percent of the average local business’ fans are actually in the city where the business is located. This presents a much needed wake-up call for SMBs using social media to attract new customers.

The Roost Scorecard is a great first step to determine how many Facebook Page Likes come from local fans so that businesses can better hone their social campaigns to reach a targeted audience.

The report provides data around a company’s coverage index, determining local coverage relative to other businesses; audience distribution which gives insight into which Facebook Fans/Friends are close to the user’s business; and suggested actions where Roost provides tailored tips on audience development.

“It’s very important for my business to be able to reach local homebuyers in the San Antonio area, and in mere seconds the Roost Scorecard made me realize that very few of my Facebook Page Likes are from local fans,” said Matt Stigliano, founder of “This evaluation was critical because now I know where I stand and can optimize my social marketing campaigns with Roost’s platform, which provides recommendations on the types of content and posts my business needs to drive more of a local audience.”

“These initial findings are a real eye-opener in the world of SMB social marketing, but Roost is excited to see that the Scorecards are going to help small businesses hone their efforts and better reach local customers,” said Alex Chang, CEO of Roost. “With small businesses’ livelihood at stake when it comes to attracting local customers, we designed the Scorecard not only to evaluate a business’ local presence, but also to provide recommendations on how to improve their social marketing efforts in their local market.”

Any business or professional can run a free Roost Local Scorecard evaluation on their Facebook fanbase. Additionally, Roost’s social marketing tool, available for free, helps local businesses and professionals easily plan and execute their social marketing activities in less than 20 minutes per week across Facebook and Twitter, with other networks coming soon.

About Roost

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Roost is a unique social marketing platform entirely focused on helping small businesses and independent professionals manage their social presence and engage with their customers across key social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Roost has more than 30,000 people across over 50 industries using its social products. Roost’s executive team is comprised of small business and social media experts from, Merchant Circle, Flixter and Social Gaming Network. The company is venture capital funded by Shasta Ventures and General Catalyst.

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