Small Business Path to Innovation

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What kind of business are you creating? Is it one of innovative products or services and unique solutions? Anyone can create what’s required, can see a need and fill it. What sets your business apart? How to you distinguish your brand?

Changing Direction

Small business aims at a new kind of publishing. Great innovation should start simply, like this plan to reinvent the publishing industry with a single book. When innovating, make bold, meaningful and simple changes and then build on that blueprint. Do you have an innovative idea for a product or service? WSJ

Entrepreneurs may need extra help. What can political leaders really learn from entrepreneurs, assuming, of course, that they have the interest in listening? It’s certain that a new and innovative way of looking at the economy may be necessary in these tough times. Can entrepreneurs provide the answer? You’re the Boss

Staying Fresh

Necessity is the mother of invention. Steve Chou’s story about how he and his wife started their own e-commerce site then eventually how he started a blog and online training course that tried to draw on their experiences to help others do the same is one of letting innovation unfold. Chou and his wife had a desire to adapt their lifestyle and accomplished it through the creation of their business.

Brands that are no more. The brands on this list you will doubtless remember. The factors that lead to their disappearance or decline may vary greatly. The lessons learned from their disappearance should be obvious to any small business owner. Regardless of popularity and an unforgettable identity, brands can decline with change in taste or attitude. What can you do to keep your business current? Yahoo! Finance

Avoiding Pitfalls

When passion is the problem. Particularly with the incredible growth of niche Websites a kind of overkill is happening. While it’s true that developing a niche business based on your personal passions or interests can lead to some very innovative results, be aware there are other things that go into a successful company. Youngentrepreneur

The importance of creative personal time. Want to be innovative and creative in your small business? You won’t get there by working all the time. Commitment is great–and important–but so is getting away sometimes to recharge your batteries. So how exactly do you do this and how does it feed into your business endeavors? Dr. Shannon Reece

Refining Basics

Innovation is great but… It’s important to note that in business, as in life, there are potentially many things of importance. It will be hard for customers to see your innovation if, for example, they find they cannot have faith in your product. Here’s one other important factor to consider. Youngentrepreneur

Staying innovative also means innovative communication. Stuck in the same old Facebook/Twitter rut. Be aware that what was innovative yesterday may be out of fashion tomorrow. Are you using the new Google Plus for its obvious networking and communications benefits? Learn the difference between flavor of the month and things that impact your business. Capitol Business Support

Stepping Up

The entrepreneurial mindset. Understanding the difference in the way entrepreneurs think is a key component in understanding how innovation happens in small business. Are you providing just what’s needed, performing only the task requested, or are you creating a whole new solution beyond what anyone thought to ask? Open Forum

How do you measure your influence? Innovators may have imitators but may also inspire many others in their own business or  endeavor. This influence has become a commodity and continues to be one today. How quantifiable is this influence? As usual, the new world of social media may provide the answer. Keep Up With The Web

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