Summer of Startups?

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Many leaders agree, if a permanent recovery is on the way, it will likely come from small business growth. Though troubles and concerns remain, however, there are everywhere signs that entrepreneurship including small business startups may soon be the rise. Here’s what we found around the Web:


Cutting edge startups…at the mall? It may not be the venue entrepreneurs are used to when it comes to startups. (In the past, malls have been locations for well-established retail chains and maybe grabbing a latte with friends.) But with shifting trends and economic realities, could the local mall truly become that latest startup zone? WSJ

Tech startups may lead a new hiring boom. Multiple job offers and special hiring events created just to woo candidates may seem out of place in an economy that quite recently was looking like an environment in which good job offers were few and far between. Is the tech startup serge wave that will ripple through the rest of the economy and what could this mean about a place in the economy for more? Bloomberg BusinessWeek


Franchisers would like to be your bank. Can’t get a business loan from your local bank? Try a franchise instead. Franchisers are making the move to encourage new franchise startup in a financing environment that is still probably less than welcoming. If you have ambitions for a franchise startup, your chance is here. WSJ

Talent plentiful in economic rebound. If your startup needs employees, you’ve have less trouble finding them in a rebounding economy that has raised encourages many frustrated workers to seek other positions even with remaining high unemployment. What opportunities do a more fluid labor market hold for your startup? Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Web Basics

Five tools for your Web startup. One of the most inexpensive businesses to start still remains the online business. Essentially you’ll need as Website. Easy enough but it still leaves some would-be Web entrepreneurs hesitating, unsure what to do first. This list of tools will get you going. Site Prebuilder

Why you need your own Website today. From social media to online retail communities, there are tons of ways you can start offering your products and services online without ever coding any HTML, hiring a developer or getting your own domain. So, with all these choices, who needs their own Website? You do!


Startups and personal brand. Whether you’re starting a business blog or other Website or simply starting any of a number of other businesses, remember that personal brand is important. You may be uncomfortable at times being out in front and visible representing your startup, but remember how important it is for your customers to know that there is a real person behind your business…You! The Frugal Entrepreneur

Are you a master pursuader? Though it’s hard to make generalizations about the kinds of people who make good entrepreneurs, this must surely be one of the traits. From the day you start your business, you will be at it, promoting your brand to customers, promoting your value to partners, perhaps even pitching your startup to investors. What’s your approach. Startup Professionals Musings


Not everyone should be an entrepreneur. Or a brain surgeon or a classical violinist or an astronaut…well, you get the picture! Anyway, a spurt in startups doesn’t mean everyone’s GOT to get involved. Take a good long look at yourself. Take stock of your strengths and your weaknesses. Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If not, please support small businesses instead. Angel Business Advisors

Avoiding the small business trap? While there are clearly many reasons to want to start a small business, one of them is certainly to be your own boss and hopefully do better than those guys with regular jobs. That’s great, but have you calculated whether your business really full fills these goals? Flock Free Nation

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  1. Martin Lindeskog

    Yes, I think it is a summer of startups! 🙂

    I will mention this post to the participants at today’s Tech Startup Club MeetUp meeting in Gothenburg.

  2. It will be interesting to see if more entrepreneurial enterprises will be created as the unemployment picture stays pretty bleak.

    It will be even more interesting to see what some of these start-ups are going to look like.

    I’m thinking that technology will be the main focus..

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