New American Express Merchant Financing Program Fills Capital Access Void For Small And Medium Sized Businesses

NEW YORK (Press Release – September 22, 2011) – As small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) struggle with access to capital in today’s tight credit economy,American Express today announced the launch of American Express Merchant Financing, a set of financing products that provide qualified merchants with quick and simple access to cash for their businessneeds.  Eligible merchants now have the opportunity to leverage their relationship with American Express to tap into a convenient and hassle-free source of capital, which is repaid automatically through settlement charges and accompanied by low fixed fees.

American Express maintains direct relationships with its merchant customers and as aresult, has a unique ability to meet merchant needs.  This innovative financing program enables SMBs to better manage their cash flows on a regular basis and, ultimately, grow their businesses.

American Express Merchant Financing is specifically designed for SMBs that meet a basic set of criteria, including generation of $100,000 to $10,000,000 in American Express charge volume per year, a minimum two-year merchant tenure with American Express and no prior account delinquencies.  The program offers two lending options for accessing capital:

  • Monthly – A one-year term with 12 monthly loan disbursements each up to $500,000, where the cash financing amount is extended at the beginning of each monthly period and is repaid in full by the end of each monthly period. The financing amount is based on projected American Express charge volume. A fixed financing fee is charged each month on the financing amount. There are no other fees associated with this product.
  • Annual – A one-time loan disbursement that is equal to 25% of projected annual American Express charge volume, up to $750,000, where the loan is paid down in full by the end of the one year financing term. A fixed financing fee is charged on the annual financing amount. There are no other fees associated with this product.

In stark contrast to traditional commercial lending vehicles, American Express Merchant Financing products provide cash within three business days of enrollment, include an automatic repayment process based on the merchant’s American Express Settlements and require no personal guarantee.  Currently, the program is open to qualifying businesses in good standing with American Express.  The simple application process, fast approval and competitive pricing ensure that SMBs can gain flexibility and control in navigating common cash flow management issues.

“Access to operating capital is an ongoing challenge for smaller businesses, as it has become extremely difficult to secure a reasonable loan.  In order for these merchants – key drivers of the U.S. economy – to grow and expand, they need a fair alternative,” said Bill Glenn, President, Global Merchant Services, American Express.  “As a strong advocate for small business, American Express is continually seeking innovative solutions to help these businesses thrive.  With American Express Merchant Financing, we’ve found a way to use our unique business model to fill the financing void for these vitally important merchants,” Mr. Glenn added.

For more information about American Express Merchant Financing, call an American Express Merchant Financing Specialist at 1-855-298-1209 or visit

About American Express Merchant Financing

As part of the Global Merchant Services organization within American Express Company, American Express Merchant Financing provides innovative financing products developed to address the cash flow and capital expenditure needs of small and medium-sized businesses, one of American Express’ core merchant groups. This financing platform offers many attractive benefits relative to competitive financing products in the marketplace today. American Express Merchant Financing provides an alternative for SMBs to access the capital needed to maintain and grow their operations.

Global Merchant Services is the merchant network of American Express, which acquires and maintains relationships with millions of merchants around the globe, which welcome American Express-branded Cards. American Express is a global services company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.

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