Bezel Doll Group Launches Celebrity Licensed Doll Project on Kickstarter

Syracuse, NY (Press Release – September 22, 2011) –  Jonathan Made, founder of Bezel Doll Group, has announced the company’s project to raise both funds for licensing and inventory as well as consumer awareness on The company creates “in-demand-celebrity” licensed dolls, guaranteeing a striking resemblance to the portrayed celebrity. Bezel Dolls are designed with such remarkable attention to detail, that the characters are glowing with personality.

“Our celebrity dolls are unique because of the flawless detail and extreme resemblance to the celebrity they’re portraying. You can compare the celebrity likeness of our dolls compared to the industry standard and completely notice the quality versus quantity,” says Made.

In 2009, Made founded Bezel Doll Group. With a vision of bringing excitement and diversity to the toy industry by merging it with the music industry, Made was driven to develop a premier doll line. In addition to a Master’s Degree in Entertainment and Business, Made has years of experience in the industry. Accompanying his five years dealing with licensing and publishing endeavors, Made is a talented songwriter, having worked with artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Trey Songz, and Bow Wow to name a few. His enthusiasm and determination to recreate celebrity icons is evident in the intricate detail visible on each Bezel Doll.

“My vision is to create a line of celebrity dolls that are second to none as far as quality and will cater to a specific niche market of fan base, predominantly celebrities of minority background. Other than that, I would simply like to create a tangible product that would “WOW” the entertainment and doll industry all together,” expresses Made.

Made hopes to generate funding through Kickstarter as followers have the opportunity to make a pledge to

Bezel Doll Group. Kickstarter makes it possible for creative projects to earn the necessary funding needed

to get started. They have an “all or nothing” motto, meaning that projects must meet a set funding goal before time runs out; otherwise, no money exchanges hands. Bezel Doll Group has a funding goal of $72,820 with their deadline set for November 16, 2011. A pledge in the amount of $25 will pre-order an exclusive (non-talking) doll from the company’s current licensed celebrity and a pledge of $37 will pre-order an exclusive (talking) doll.

For more information regarding the Bezel Doll Group’s launch on Kickstarter, visit

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