How to Enter Entrepreneurship

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you consumed with a great desire to create a company, create value or change the world? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created today’s roundup with you in mind. Read up on tips, resources and news important to you as we explore the journey into the world of entrepreneurship.


Is entrepreneurship all it’s cracked up to be? It all depends on how you approach it. To many people who decide to start their own business, disillusionment and disenchantment can easily and quickly set in. They find their new endeavor causes them more stress and less satisfaction than they expected. They work longer hours, make less money, and are more isolated than in their previous work. This article emphasizes why they do what they do, recognizing the sacrifices they must make. Huff Post Small Business

What Gets Investors Excited? Revenue. Do you want investors? You need sales. Without sales, all you really have is a vision and it is not easy to attract investors without revenue. The revenue amount is not as important as you would think. The investor wants to know that you have successfully entered the revenue phase. Fast Company

Biggest is not always best. Entrepreneurs often have to start with nothing but an idea, so it goes without saying that creating the biggest business is, at least at first, not an option. But does this mean your business can’t be best at what you do? Not at all, says entrepreneur Richard Branson in this interview. Entrepreneur


Why success is sometimes about being first. Sometimes we worry too much about being best. It’s not that there’s any sin in doing quality work, but sometimes waiting until things are perfect can also be about fear. Entrepreneurs take the plunge, because they know waiting doesn’t necessarily lead to higher quality. Seth’s Blog

Get yourself untangled. Entrepreneurship, leadership and originality require that we stop letting ourselves get tangled with the criticism or reaction of others. Keeping focus requires an inner drive. Take feedback for what it’s worth but don’t become too distracted by other people’s lives or what they say about you. Chris Brogan

Beware distraction from your dreams. In a similar vein to the link above, here’s another take on staying true to your entrepreneurial vision. It can be hard in a world filled with distraction, but be aware that letting yourself be pulled off course can lead to real problems and delay or prevent the success you seek. Dr. Shannon Reece


Some tips you should ignore…or not. We guarantee this post will cause some debate. Creating a business plan, seeking out mentors and looking for investors are all important activities entrepreneurs should engage in early on…at least in some people’s books. Others feel not so much. Where do you stand on these first steps? Youngentrepreneur

The new look of entrepreneurship is lean. If you plan to start a company, the one thing you don’t need is loads of employees. That’s because ever improving technology makes operating a lean business easier every day. Look for the areas you can keep your business lean. It will help you in the long run to keep your startup strong. WSJ

Finance & Tools

Could a new startup make finding investors easier? It might, according to this article about a new way of matching up investors with entrepreneurs in an effort to improve access to capital at a critical time. Not every entrepreneur may need investment especially in the early days of launching a startup. For those who do, the process may have just become easier. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Why entrepreneurs need a blog. Last but not least, you’ve probably heard endlessly about the importance of blogging to market any business. Here some experts including Small Business Trends’ own Anita Campbell explain more about how and why a blog can change your business for the better. Read more. Trada

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  1. I would like to say that it is not easy to do business successfully. However, only people, who have a strong desire to be independednt and work hard can achieve success in the end. Just keep in mind that the most difficult thing is to start!