JNS Resources Announces New SEO Services to Help Businesses Increase Internet Visibility

Lake Saint Louis, Missouri (Press Release – August 22, 2011) – JNS Resources is currently launching new SEO services to advance their business marketing program. The company has already offered businesses prospecting information, flyers, mailers, scripts, labels and ads. This new feature adds a way to help businesses better develop their presence on the Internet.

The small business SEO service is really a system of features that work together to help companies and professionals gain the attention of Internet search engines. JNS Resources staff members work with customers to identify their own ideal market demographic. They then target that group of consumers through skilled and effective placement of search engine friendly content.

JNS Resources uses keyword analysis to determine the best keywords and phrases to include in a company’s website. Staff members also analyze what is the optimal search engine to target with the SEO content. The goal is to position the customer’s website link at the top of the search engine pages that serve that company the best.

High search engine rankings have been shown to be extremely helpful in delivering website visitors. This may be primarily because about 80 percent of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of results when conducting a search. Businesses at or near the top of that first page of search results are at a distinct advantage in drawing more website visitors.

Increased website traffic affords companies the opportunity to present their goods and services to more potential customers. Once the visitors are flocking to a company’s website, they can be greeted by attractive and persuasive website visuals, content and company branding. JNS Resources help to supply these needs within the scope of their marketing services.

JNS Resources will incorporate SEO content into a business’s main website configuration. JNS Resources will also extend the Missouri SEO services to include blogging and social networking if requested. The company will optimize any and all business website and auxiliary content to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible for the most relevant search inputs.

JNS Resources is determined to help each business it works with to reach a high level of online visibility within its individual niche. Their new small business SEO services are up and running for any companies or professionals who are ready to emerge from former search engine obscurity. JNS Resources has the means to bring companies into full light on the Internet.

About JNS Resources:
JNS Resources is a marketing company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Lake Saint Louis Missouri. The company has just been recognized and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company has recently rebuilt their main website to meet the needs of their expanding business. They have also added a new Consumer Site for business networking and consumer interactions.

The company offers a variety of marketing solutions for businesses, including mailers, flyers, labels, scripts, prospecting information and ads. They also work with businesses on their branding and developing strategies for growth and advancement. Their new Local SEO services complete the picture of a full service marketing company.

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