Small Biz Basics: Management and Operations

Managing a small business involves plenty of attention to detail. It’s a career that involves the wearing of many hats. The best way to get a handle on things is to look at examples of success and then to focus on basics. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Success Stories

Taking the road less traveled…in an ice cream truck?. Two friends took an unlikely course in a tough economy and created a product and brand with lasting appeal. See how these two entrepreneurs reinvented the ice cream truck in a very unconventional way and against the odds to create a small business success story. Shine


Grow your company with fewer customers. When you have your own small business, you probably would think that limiting yourself to just a few customers would not be the best thing to do. A study in the UK however contradicts that thinking. There are methods to use to be successful in running your business in this manner and even promote growth.

What do small-business owners want? An important part of your business plan concerns the goals you have for your small business and your personal place in the business in the future. Are you building a business for future family generations or are you building to sell? You’re the Boss


Price of reclassifying workers. The IRS guidelines state that there is “no magic or set number of factors that makes the worker an employee or an independent contractor.” Yet the IRS is tightening the enforcement of rules on reclassification of workers or independent workers. This again will drive up costs for small businesses at a time when we need to encourage them to grow and create jobs. WSJ

Four ways to cut small employer health-care costs. The cost of the average family health-care coverage for employer-sponsored insurance increased 9% this past year. Four suggestions on how to control this ever-increasing costs are suggested. The best way to sell this to your employees is to get their involvement and hopefully give them choices. Entrepreneur

Other Tips

Five simple ways to boost productivity. It doesn’t take long after you start your own business to discover that there is more to do than you have time to do. To move forward and succeed you’re going to have to improve your time-management skills and improve your productivity. Take a look at the five suggestions offered for a starter. Entrepreneur

How to define your target market. In today’s economic climate where the small business owner has to be overly conscious of costs, having the ability to target your market is critical. You must be able to identify your typical customer and then aim your marketing toward them. This requires a planned approach and effort.

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