Small Business Resources You Won’t Want to Miss

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Don’t miss our list of small business resources. They’re really the best. Pulled from the best sites across the Web, these resources will help you get your business started and keep it going to meet your goals for small business success. Please add your own suggestions in the comments below.

Tools & Tips

Google+ Resources for small business. Do you use Google+. Though you may not yet realize it, there are tremendous resources available to the small business owner or entrepreneur here and you should consider using them immediately. Here are some combined with great advice to get you started. Social Media Examiner

Making sure customers and clients pay. Landing the customer or client you need is one thing. Making sure they pay in a timely fashion is another. Here are some suggestions that should make things go smoother. Making sure you get paid in a timely manner by the clients and customers you serve is as important to your business as the service you provide. Growth University


Free pass to BlogWorld. With the importance of blogging and social media to small business, BlogWorld, the premier blogging and social media event, has become a must for many small business owners and entrepreneurs, particularly if a substantial part of their business is conducted online. Here is an opportunity to win a free pass to the November event from Anita Campbell. Small Business Trends

Customer Service

Online miniseries about customer experience. What is superior customer experience and how do you go about providing it? The fact is that superior customer experience can manifest itself in many ways, but can also differentia between you and the competition. Here is a link to one in post in an excellent miniseries that looks at how to create superior customer service for yourf customer or client. 365 Days of Startups

Building an online hub for small business success. If you’re creating a business online, your Website must be the center, the hub of all you do. To make sure you realize this goal, you must start with a plan. Include the things that will more your online business forward. Cut out whatever holds you back.

Startup Resources

A brand new source of business credit. At a time when startup and other small business credit is at a premium a new answer presents itself. Kabbage offers crowdsourced credit scores for its customers, a new way to finance a startup or small business today. How can your small business or startup take advantage of this new opportunity. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

How to start your business over the weekend. Think we’re kidding? Then check out this post about Garage48. It’s a series of workshops for entrepreneurs. The appeal? You can attend the workshop and have your company up and running Sunday night. How’s that for speeding up time to market. Bloomberg BusinessWeek


When government loans are the only option. Tight lending, a tough economy and the availability of loans guaranteed by the government have forced some small business owners who might have initially avoided trying for FDA loans giving it a shot. But the approach is not about his problems. WSJ


Resources for becoming a great leader. If you want to become a better leader in your business the resources may be right within your own business, perhaps within the ranks of your employees. So how can you harness this power to improve your leadership skills as well? It’s easier than you might think. This post shares more. YourOfficeAnywhere

Moving ahead with your small business startup. Many entrepreneurs have awesome ideas and even a great start for their businesses, but have trouble taking things to the next level. Getting your business from up and running to “Point B,” as guest blogger Bob La Loggia explains in this post. Startup Professionals Musings

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