Small Business Tips and Tools for Success

Small business success need not be a matter of luck. Techniques and tools can help along the way. Read the stories of some successful small business entrepreneurs then learn the tips and tricks that can make your venture a success.

Startup Success

What fueled the beginning of your small business dream? These brief profiles of seven successful startup companies show that anything from unemployment to job dissatisfaction and more can fuel the entrepreneurial urge. So what was it that started you down the path of wanting to start your own business? Yahoo! Finance

Overcoming hardships with small business success. Read the inspiring story of how Jenny How overcame hardship to create her own business working online and today a brand aimed at helping others do the same. Don’t let hardships overcome you while creating your small business. BizSugr Blog

Tech & Training

10 cool new tech ideas to help you market your business. Marketing technology has changed dramatically over the last few years and the pace of change appears to be on the increase. The small business owner must be willing and able to effectively use the new tools for marketing. Check out some of these new tech ideas.

Mastering distraction in 18 minutes. Small business owners have an additional challenge that those who work for at a larger company. This is even more difficult for the person who works at home. Focusing on what are the priorities is difficult for many people. We are encouraged to examine what matters, what’s working well, what’s neutral to us, and what alienates us. Then structure our work life accordingly.

Management Basics

Is your business operating efficiently? Here are six signs it might not be. Getting use to monitoring your small business can be a key to making it more successful. Do you know how to tell where your small business is and where it should be? Learning to evaluate your small business effectively can be a first step to success. Site Prebuilder

Small business health-care plan debuts. Providing health care for employees in a small business has been difficult because of costs. There is no group discount like that offered to large companies. This does hurt small companies in competing for talent. In South Carolina they initiated the Small Business Health Plan, wherein small businesses pool together to buy coverage at lower rates.

Marketing Moves

Marketing your small business on the cheap. Marketing your business and letting other people know what you do can be vitally important. There’s no greater task than getting your message out to those customers who will appreciate your products or services. But whatever else it is, it does not need to be expensive. Open Forum

Making sure of your marketing message. Though getting your message out there is important, it’s also important to be sure that message is right. Sending the wrong signals to perspective customers or those who might create referrals won’t bring your small business the customers you need and might result in unintended consequences for your brand. Kevin Webster

Winning Edge

Linking your way to small business success. When creating a winning Website for your small business, of course lining is important. But don’t forget some of the simplest linking of all, internal linking on your own site. It’s a an important tip that could help your business site stand out. Small Business Bliss

Building great customer experience. The importance of creating great customer experience is a no brainer when it comes to small business. That experience can be a valuable commodity for your business long run when especially in terms of repeat and referral customers. But just who are you creating the experience for? Partners in Excellence

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  1. Nice, i just read the tech tips section. I am in the real estate brokerage business. Although giving ice cream bars to smiling customers is not directly applicable, it definitely gets the creative wheels turning.

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  3. Appreciate the inclusion! Some great resources here 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing these great resources! One thing I did for my small business to save time and money (and paper!) was to switch to an internet faxing service so that I didn’t have to return to the office every time I needed to fax off a contract. Now I can even access the service from my iphone, I don’t even need my laptop anymore!

  5. Yeah i agree with you Small business success need not be a matter of luck. Techniques and tools can only be helpful along the way..
    So,nice tech and sophisticated tools will only leads to success in any type of business…

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