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It’s that time of year again! BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2011 is  just around the corner! This year, the largest blogging and social media  conference in the world will be held in Los Angeles, November 3-5. And we (and the folks who run BlogWorld) want you to go!

This week we are giving away 3 different passes to three different people:

  • 1 Full Access pass
  • 1 2-day pass
  • 1 Expo pass

How are able to do this?  Well, we’re a media partner with BlogWorld.  Go here to see what each pass includes.



How to Win

We want your best social media marketing tips! How do you use Twitter or Facebook to promote your brand? Or give us your insider tips for using Google Plus.  Or, if you’re a LinkedIn Groups or Answers fan, tell us how you use them.  Those are just a few possibilities. Whatever social media you use, just share a tip.

Either leave a comment below in the comments section.  Or tweet your tip  on Twitter (use #SBTblogworld on your tip so we can find it).

You can enter once a day, either in the comments section or on Twitter. But feel free to enter every day!

Deadline: All entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm Pacific, Wednesday, September 21, 2011. Dave Cynkin, Co-Founder of BlogWorld, and a 3-person team from Small Business Trends will be choosing the best tips and announcing winners by September 26.

Rules: There are no restrictions on where you need to live to enter this one. Please use your real identity so we can contact you if you win, and please, one entry per day.  If you’re entering via Twitter, use the hashtag #SBTblogworld in your tweet.

Good luck to you! Hope to see you at BlogWorld!

About BlogWorld & New Media Expo

BlogWorld & New Media Expo is the first and only industry-wide  conference, tradeshow and media event dedicated to blogging, podcasting, social media, social networking, online video, music, web TV and radio. Social Media Business Summit, exclusive to BlogWorld, is the world’s largest social media business conference where business owners, marketing executives and global brands learn strategies, tools and technologies to grow their businesses with social media.

Whether you’re new to blogging and social media as an individual or a company, or a pro, you’ll come back with plenty of business-growing tips to put into action. The speakers are always phenomenal, and this year’s are no exception.


Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses, and also serves as CEO of

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  1. I first joined social media 2 years ago on Twitter while homeless. Since then, I have grown to be using several social media platforms. In the 2 years I have been on Twitter my follower count has grown to over 4,000. I use social media to talk about my life and stress, discuss homelessness and educate about its related issues, I give advice to the newly homeless and help organizations get donations and new volunteers. I try to be active, involved, and interact. Its the way to get the message out there. I

  2. Pierre DeBois

    I went to Blogworld here in New York earlier this year. Not only did I meet some great people – including long time friends and names through social media, and learned quite a bit. I think even if you have been blogging a long time you’ll learn about vendor offerings, but mostly have fun seeing the people who inspire your thoughts everyday online. It was worth the time, and I am sure LA will be extra fun adding California love into the mix. 🙂

  3. Oh I want to go to BlogWorld! My tip is to tweet everything at least 3 times, at different times of day. That way you seek your audience in many time zones.

    Pick me puleeze!!!

  4. Anita,

    For people that are “thinking” abut attending Blogworld in LA, I’ve been to 3 myself, and have benefited tremendously from all of them.

    Yes, the seminars are great. Yes, the parties are fun. There’s lots to do.

    The best part (for me) is the opportunity to have face time with the people I interact with daily.

    This is a nice offer.

    My Tip; If you’re going to spend time on Twitter, ask questions in your Tweets; doing that will help you stand out. And, you’ll make some new friends.

    The Franchise King®

  5. Travis Campbell

    Be careful if considering hooking twitter into your linkedin account, if you post too often to twitter, and sync to linkedin, linkedin connections can opt to “mute” you, and miss your future updates on linkedin.

  6. Vedran Tomic

    My Twitter tip:
    Talk to people and share useful information – without trying to sell anything to anyone.

  7. Blogword must be an awesome conference.
    My tip would be to engage in conversations and try to be remarkable and humorous if you can.

  8. I read RSS feeds every day; I have then sorted into categories. I tweet links to the best articles I read every day, using Social Oomph and a little GreaseMonkey script I wrote to manage the feed (I would constantly hit Twitter’s tweet limit otherwise) – you need the script so you don’t have to scroll the Social Oomph window to save each tweet.

  9. Susan Payton

    My Twitter Tip:
    Get personal. Yes, send some broader targeted messages, but reply to other people’s Tweets and start conversations. Build relationships.

  10. My tip to promote using social media. Know who your audience is, don’t be afraid to ask questions, engage and just be you.

    Google plus tips- Circles can be used as communication portals. You can create a circle with 300 people and relay a message to all of them. If you have a circle with 10 people, you can use that circle to ask to hangout without bothering your 300 other people in your stream. You can even have a circle with one person if you want.

  11. My favorite Twitter tip is to HAVE conversations with people. It’s fun, it builds new relationships and the conversations are indexed by Google!

  12. Thanks to the rules of Twitter, you must must must follow back all real people, if you want marketing reach – if you don’t follow back eventually (when the person gets near following 2000) they’ll have to start dropping accounts that don’t follow back.

  13. It would be great to win this!
    My tip would be to be as transparent as possible, because that’s what social media is all about.

  14. Mirror of Aphrodite

    Twitter tip: I think Follow Friday #FF tweets can be an effective way to build community and relationships as well as regularly retweeting the tweets of some of your twitter peeps 🙂

  15. My social media tip:
    Use the tools to listen. They often reveal the kinds of problems people are looking to solve.

  16. Twitter Tip: Find and participate in Twitter chats (#ppcchat, #smbchat, #seochat, #agchat) in your industry. Not only do you get to hear from experts, but you can ask questions and get great answers from people all over the world. And if you’re the expert, you get to help others succeed, increase your reach and expand your network.

  17. Twitter is a great way to build relationships with influencers who you would never have had access to in the past. Don’t be afraid to follow, RT, and respond to their questions. Over time, you may build relationships with them and gain visibility for you and your business. I have.

  18. *The Best Way To Use Twitter Search To Get Physical Addresses From Prospects So You Can Send Them Free Samples and Build A Database*


    Step 1 – Figure out the keywords that your market uses in tweets, and go to twitter search and/or another tweet searching tools that allows you to import the RSS feed for the tweets into a google reader.

    e.g. “I hate my job” “I need help with XYZ” “I hate it when XYZ”

    Step 2 – For each keyword and/or phrase you are targeting, import the twitter search feeds into google reader.

    Step 3 – Each and every day, open up your google reader and look at who used the keywords you were targeting.

    Step 4 – Initiate a strategic conversation with the appropriate people who used the key phrases that will create a dialog with those who used the keywords

    example tweet: “@Prospect I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with XYZ, have you found a solution to your problem?”

    Step 5 – When the conversation reaches the appropriate point through @ replies, ask them if they would like a free sample of your product (if applicable), and tell them to send you their address via a DM so you can send them the product sample. (This works amazing for food manufacturers who can count on a certain percentage of free testers to turn into life-long loyal customers).


    *This strategy works because I do it with one of my clients…We are getting people to hand over their personal address so we can send a product sample to them…Not only are we building a database for free, but even more so we are creating long term loyal customers because these product samplers who NEED our product are telling other people struggling with the same issues…

    We have even gotten blog reviews because of this as well…It is the deed that just keeps giving positively to us and the rest of the world…

    This is by far the best free way to generate leads, and create a snowball of sales using twitter over the long haul. Even though it takes a lot of time…the long term payoff is worth it.

    The true art is making sure that you build trust with them first through @ replies before you ask if they want a free sample…But if you approach it as someone who is serving and truly wants to help them…this shouldn’t be an issue.

  19. The best tip I received when I first started blogging (and what I tell others) is to stay true to yourself. If you do that your followers will truly be interested in what you say and will want to continue following you.

  20. Nike’s adage still rules in social media. JUST DO IT.

    I would add YOUR WAY.


    Social media citizens are helpful, patient, tolerant, easily amused and have made all the mistakes, if not more, than you can make.

    They, we, are also fonts of introductions and help and support and information and knowledge…freely shared.

    And it, we, await you. JUST DO IT…JUST DO IT YOUR WAY.

  21. I share information both on Twitter and Facebook that is in relation to my industry – making me both a real person to my followers and a resource.

  22. I’d love to go to Blog World! My tip: when using Twitter be yourself and make sure you engage from the heart!

  23. Don’t abuse Twitter’s direct message feature. Promoting yourself by messaging your followers is a fast way to get un-followed.

  24. The tip that has helped me in social media (and by helped, I mean resulted in lifetime friendships, sales, brand awareness, honest customer feedback, speaking opportunities, writing opportunities, learning, effective content sharing, and even a degree of thought leadership):

    Make every effort to turn digital friends into real life friends by using social media to host events, attend events, and help with events (even something insignificant like lunch or a drink run). One real life friend is worth more to you and your company’s success than 30+ digital fans, followers, etc. If you’re not weird or overly self-promotional, meeting up and takling is the fast track to friendship – made even better and more helpful after you get back online and stay in touch later.

    Thanks for the awesome contest! BlogWorld would be an amazing experience.

  25. My tip for people who are starting out in consulting is to set up Social Alerts for all of your clients, subscribe to any blogs that are relevant and set up clear expectations with your client about building social media in an authentic way.

  26. I think many marketers (myself included) spend too much time reading about the “perfect” social media strategy instead of just trying things out. The fact is, no business is quite exactly like yours, so the only way to find out what works and what does not is to just give your idea a shot.

    Read examples, tips, and best practices from as inspiration but also see what your competition is NOT doing and try to fill that void. For example, everyone tweets tips and shares great content – how about offering some free personalized advice for each new follower?

  27. As of right now I use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (with some occasional dabbling on G+) ~ Twitter is the one I spend the majority of my time. I don’t really market my business or services on any of the platforms.

    About a year or so after I started I did tweet some tips on how businesses / solopreneurs could utilize a Virtual Assistant as well as shortcut tips for Excel (I love Excel). In both instances I gained some exposure for “just good ideas” which lead to me getting clients as a direct result of Twitter.

    Because Social Media can quickly suck you into a lost-time vortex I do spend some time each morning hand picking and scheduling my content. I read all RSS subscriptions through Google Reader and through total magic (okay, not really magic) I tag the items I’ve read and want to share to go to a third party service to be sent out to Twitter.

  28. My best social media tip at this point is to work on your Google +1 strategy – not to get confused with your Google+ social networking. I wrote a bit about it here on my blog identifying how Google’s paying attention to these metrics now: Not only is it social, but it’s also search…so you can kill two birds with this one (social media tactic) stone. 🙂

  29. Find and Identify all of the local News reporters accounts on Twitter in your area, follow them, interact with them, make them wanna follow you. Not everyone will friend you, but when they do it makes it that much easier to get content into the hands that can get even that many more eyeballs on it. Also, doing this gets you some good opportunities to be an expert in certain areas and there is a chance that you can get yourself on TV for an interview (and they allow you to promote your business). So many opportunities following the right people locally.

  30. Fun question Anita!

    Learning alot from the other posts here. I’m seeing that by getting clear on why I’m on twitter I’m getting closer to my target audience. Just started on the forum recently.

    Believe well!

    Adelaide Zindler
    Autism Transformation Program

    P.S. Thanks TJ for this link too!

  31. Shashi Bellamkonda

    Make sure your website has content that is shareable, has ability for user generated comment, tag your posts, ability to subscribe by RSS and/or email. Share your content on your networks

  32. For people to really connect with you on social media, give them a 3 dimensional view of you. Be happy, be grumpy, be smart, be curious, be a beginner, be a leader. In short, bring all of who you are to the table so people get to know you as a real human being. Not everyone is going to like you. But not everyone is going to like you anyway. 🙂

  33. Hi Shashi!

    My tip is to create blog posts from reader ideas — like a list of the top 20 tips you got in comments on a previous post. Or do a list of the most influential bloggers in your life. Then, you can notify all those people in social media that you’ve mentioned and linked to them…and they’ll go out in social media and promote the post FOR you. These posts engage readers, tend to be widely shared and read, and turn the readers included into evangelists for your blog.

  34. Use a calendar to schedule weekly activities that engage your customers. In other words, create a system, and then work your system. I don’t mean be rigid, nor do I mean always using pre-scheduled Tweets.

    Set specific goals. Whether it’s an event, a new customer drive, or a monetary goal. Get crystal clear on what you want to do and then plan how you will use technology (including social media tools) to do it. Record on your calendar when your outreach will take place, and the execute the plan. You will need to be flexible and some part of your plan will change, but that’s OK.

    Just plan as best you can and stick to the plan unless and until you need to adjust it. Be flexible and have fun!

  35. I have not started using twitter yet, but I now understand why I need to. I am a fairly new blogger and I have gotten my feet wet and I am loving it. My tip would be to post every blog post from your blog to your facebook page. In doing this you gain a whole new audience.

    I would love to win the BlogWorld pass. I have so much to learn and could benefit tremendously from this. Not to mention, my birthday is September 21 and what a fantastic birthday gift this would be. Please consider me for the pass!!!

  36. Susan Oakes

    My tip is to lighten up and have a bit of fun especially on Twitter. Think of it as a meet up at the coffee machine, a little business and a few laughs makes you more interesting.

  37. If you intend to market on Twitter, soft sell works well, hard sell less so – its easy to be seen as a spammer by sending out exclusively marketing messages. You need to provide something valuable in your stream; make sure someone is listening to the stream and responding also, because conversations are the best way to sell product.

  38. Twitter is a great way to introduce followers to the disparate parts of my work., blog and The Cranky Middle Manager Show podcast. I have generated revenue from people who find one aspect of our work and then get introduced to the rest. I’ve also grown my network of colleagues and have frequently partnered with people I’ve never met, but trust and like.

  39. Grow personally to succeeded professionally. Never push… it will happen. be yourself and you will kill it!

  40. Hi! My tip is one learned from Scott Stratten. Do not autofeed your twitter to FB and linked in etc. These different platforms are distinct and have unique purposes and voices. So your conversation about the #Emmys on twitter should not be fed through to linked in which is a networking and business environment. Differences there are important.
    [email protected]

  41. we hear of so many companies that try to get on every platform out there and try to make noise. If you are using social media for marketing survey your audience first to find out what platform(s) they use most. You may find that you only need to use one. Example: High end hair salon was spending a lot of time on twitter. Did a survey using web monkey and just asked their customers. Turns out everyone was on Facebook and very few were on twitter.
    This is especially true in the B2B space. Don’t assume you know where to find your audience.

  42. Don’t be afraid to jump in to Twitter and Facebook but do your homework first. Search for keywords on both places and get a feel for what and how people are talking about things that are important to your business. On Facebook, you can search “all public updates” to see posts from people you aren’t connected with. It’s a great way to get additional insight.

  43. A tip from Volusion:

    Address concerns or problems with followers/customers, but don’t try to solve the problem all on Twitter. There’s only so much you can do and say in 140 characters. Don’t be afraid to take the conversation offline by asking for contact info. or giving your own.

  44. My tip for Twitter. Remember it’s a public forum. Don’t tweet you have a headache. Who cares? Tweet interesting, useful information. Share things you find useful from other people, too. Don’t use auto DM’s. I unfollow people who send an automatic DM whether it’s to thank me for the follow or to promote their business.

  45. – See END for morale of the story –
    I recently finished an assignment in the Middle East overhauling the digital marketing aspects of an early stage low cost airline. Among the new capabilities we established were Twitter and Facebook marketing platforms. In short, we:
    – customized the profiles to match the new website design
    – Weekly!! used our product (free/discount tickets) to create buzz & build the communities
    – incorporated customer service through responsiveness to requests/issues within each channel
    – supported new routes with special promotions
    – touted these new channels in other advertising
    – experimented with Twitter’s beta for Promoted Products (only brand in ME to do so!)
    The Middle East has low brand penetration, so building a following to rival the larger incumbent airlines was easier than we thought it would be.
    END: The most important lessons – listen, engage and provide predictable, regular offers of high value to establish community.

  46. I’ve found the most effective way to manage multiple accounts successfully is to have a system and stick to it. This allows me to get the most impact in the least amount of time.

    1. Schedule social media use into small chunks of time
    2. Schedule all of my content to go out ahead of time using Hootsuite, Tweet Old Post and Timely.
    3. Create streams for @Replies, Direct Messages, Keyword Searches and People lists and monitor these mostly
    4. Curate blog posts with Google Alerts, Reader and Timely
    5. Cross pollinate best performing content to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

  47. Social Networking Tip: On sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, I suggest personalizing to your request to connect.

    For example, ditch the default message on LinkedIn, ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network.’

    Instead, take the time to introduce yourself. Even a simple statement like, “Hi, I don’t believe that we’ve met. However, we seem to know many people in common and I’d like to include you in my network…[look forward to learning more about you, connecting with you..]” You can even add your contact info in case someone would like to find out more about you.

    As the term implies, ‘Social Networking’ is about being social. That translates into building relationships. So why not start the process at the ‘invitation’ stage!

  48. A lot of really great tips here!

    I think if I was offering one tip to a small business who wanted to add social media to their marketing mix and had limited time- Start small and grow with each successful ROI goal. Approach social media with a clear purpose in mind. What do you want to get from it? Branding? Engagement? More traffic?

    Identify that need and /then/ create your goals for it. Once you have that fixed in your mind, start to create a plan of actionable todo’s on how to achieve your goals. Introduce additional platforms as your time and success dictates. Not just because someone told you it was the new shiny thing.

    ‘Chelle Parmele

  49. On LinkedIn, a great way to prospect is to reach out to people who have looked at you via the “Who’s Viewed My Profile?” widget. Even at the free level, you can see a decent number of people’s contacts there.

    If they smell like a prospective client to me, I send them an InMail — you get 3 a month even at the free level — and just introduce yourself.

    I use the subject line, “Were you looking for a freelance writer?” And then say “I noticed you were looking at my profile. Did you need freelance writing help? As it happens, I have some expertise in (their industry) (which I then describe briefly).

    Let me know if I can help!”

    I get a LOT of responses. There’s a real novelty factor to InMail that makes people take note, and they’re especially curious to know how you knew they looked at your profile.

  50. One extremely effective way to use twitter to assist in branding and PR for manufacturers is to work with as many media outlets as possible, seeking ones with twitter and/or facebook follower counts from 500 to several million +, and pitch them on product GIVEAWAYS contests. It’s a win win for the media outlet, their audience, and for the manufacturer for several reasons; 1.) The media outlet gains significant numbers of new twitter and facebook followers by having a condition of entry in the giveaway be that they become a follower in order to enter and 2) The manufacturer gets a blitz of new twitter followers, and 3) tremendous bursts in website traffic directed towards the manufacturer occur consistently throughout the giveaway because people want to see what the product is about and if they won and 4) The manufacturer sees an overall benefit from the hype and excitement created during the giveaway activity.

  51. There are an abundance of tools out there and it’s easy to get bogged down quickly. Start by picking one, and be very consistent and do it really, really well.

  52. I found direct messaging on Twitter to be highly effective, if used with a dose of common sense.

  53. Michelle McCullough

    My best advice and I tell clients this all the time: Social media isn’t free, it costs your time. Don’t spend more time on it than you can afford in your business. Track your ROI and adjust the amount of time you spend and ensure that you’re getting the return, either in business or connections. Some people let their businesses die because they are wasting their days on Social Media and not on operations, and other marketing where needed. Most people can make a big difference in social media for business in 10-30 minutes a day. TOPS.

  54. Jennifer Armitstead

    Don’t outsource your Twitter account. That is like having someone else talk for you at a dinner party.

  55. You need to tweet regularly and you want your message to go out in the right timezone. If you can market globally then you need your tweets to be scheduled at different times over a few days; best is if you have multiple messages and you can swap around 3-4 messages hitting various times. Check out peak reading times for your target market(s) and make sure your tweets are going out at that time.

  56. Here is another tip. For Facebook, set goals for feedback percentage and no./impressions. With Facebook Edge you must have interaction. When you set goals you force yourself to be more interactive.

  57. TJ McCue

    Lots of great tips here. My tip is this: Build out one social media channel at a time. I spent a lot more time on Twitter and built up a following and a lot of great relationships. Then I added in Facebook. Now I’m adding in Google+. And of course, as Anita has always advised, I have built up my blogs to serve as my main anchor.

  58. Karen Heidi Pierce

    My rule in social media is the same rule I apply in my life- and that is value communication. I go out and reach out to my Social Media friends. I say hi, greet happy birthday, respond to PMs and “Likes.” I try to be as natural as I can be. But what makes social media successful for me is that I enjoy doing it. I sincerely love meeting people virtually and see what good can come out of the relationship.

  59. When it comes to managing my Twitter and Facebook account, I go for quality. I make sure that each connection I have in my Facebook and twitter accounts are real people who interact, not someone who would just spam your wall with sales pitch every 3 minutes. I don’t like people doing that, thus, I don’t do that, which brings us to the golden rule, don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. Even if there is no personal interaction, respect should always be practiced.

  60. I am more open to Twitter than in Facebook, what I usually do is when I meet someone interesting on Twitter, I invite them to my Facebook. Facebook for me is more personal, I make sure that people I add in my account are people with the same interest as mine.

  61. I love social media, it’s a powerful tool when you know how to manage it. In managing my Twitter, I make sure that I update it daily. I check my inbox. I read the twits, I RT the twits I can relate to, “@” people who followed me, and reply to the twits that are interesting. I think this method works well because most of my traffic comes from my social media account.

  62. We are all strangers in Facebook and Twitter,the only way we can break the ice is to give valuable information, may it be a quote, a news, an informative link to a blog, or a helpful tool. That’s how I manage my Twitter and Facebook. I become a friend, not a sales person. Doing these 2-3 hours a day can make a lot of difference.

  63. One the things that you need to control in Twitter is your friend’s list. So many social media marketers out there have no plans of interacting. Therefore, make sure that you “follow and unfollow.” On my case, I follow people every Monday and every Weds, I unfollow those who do not follow back. I do this regularly and it’s wise that you do, too. This practice will help reach large amounts and quality connections.

  64. The key to make your social media experience successful and effective is organization. You need to organize your friend’s list and your posts. For instance, I have friends who are in the Internet Marketing niche, I create a list for them, same as true, for my WAHMs. I segregate my connections according to their interest and location. This way, I can personalize and create a more targeted communication with them. Getting your friend’s list organize will also get rid of dead accounts, giving way to a more lively and productive social media experience.

  65. This is wonderful, I am learning a lot here. You should create a post featuring all the comments posted here. Anyway, going back, one the ways that you can really make the most out of social media are the tools. Twitter and Facebook cover all territories around the world, to maximize this, you need to be visible 24/7, but we all know this is impossible. This is where social media tools come very handy. TweetDeck is one of the tools that allow you to schedule your posts and PMs. If you have several accounts, you can conveniently handle all of them easily. As for managing my friend’s list, I use Tweepi, this gives me at a glance the people who are inactive and not following. Social media tools play huge role in making your connections go a long way.

  66. When it comes to social media, personal touch never goes out of style. When someone follows me back, I PM them personally. I mention their name and make them feel important, it’s the least I can do to show my gratitude to the people who welcome me into their space.

  67. Niche marketing should be highly integrated with social media marketing. This will help you save time and give you great outcome. Niche marketing is about having direction and purpose. You need to know connect with people who you think you can make a difference.

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