Dynotag Launches First Free, Easy QR Code Web-based Service for Consumers and Small Businesses

SEATTLE, Washington (Press Release – October 10, 2011) – Dynotag today announced a Web-based service that enables consumers and small businesses to easily create shareable quick response (QR) codes linked to associated online content, including text, images, collateral, audio, etc. The free service, available at www.dynotag.com, is the first QR solution specifically built with the consumer in mind – providing everything needed to instantly create physical or digital QR tags, a market that reached 14 million American mobile phone users in June 2011.

Individuals can use QR codes to identify personal property like computers, luggage, pets and more. Businesses can electronically link to marketing material, Facebook or Twitter, product manuals, coupons, contest details and other customer-friendly information. Dynotags are readable by almost any mobile device with a camera, using any of the readily available QR code readers on the market.  (And if you don’t have a QR reader, dynotags even come with a short URL.)

“We started with a simple question: ‘Why can’t someone quickly create a tag linked to online content they create?’” said Murat Divringi, CEO of Dynotag. “Now you can. Dynotag is the first free all-in-one QR code and content service designed for consumers and small businesses. Select a tag, add the content and press the ‘create’ button. That’s it.”

Get Organized. Share.

Dynotag makes it easy and safe for individuals and small businesses to generate shareable digital access keys (QR codes and short URLs) and post associated content online. The process is simple:

1.     Find something you want to tag.

2.     Select the ideal dynotag and add appropriate content.

3.     Generate your tag and affix it to the object.

People can dynotag anything they want, and the object will be hyperlinked to an information page that safely hosts any type of content – text, images, audio and more – conveniently on Dynotag’s cloud-based servers. Creators can select from ready-to-go info page templates or create their own, and they don’t need to have a Web site or any other online presence to get started.

Users can physically or digitally attach these tags to anything. Tags can be printed on paper or labels, added to pendants, bracelets, luggage tags or any other object. Visit www.dynotag.com to view a wide selection of dynotag-ready products.

Link Physical Objects to the Web

Dynotag makes it simple to generate tags, upload protected content and permanently link the two together. All for free. When someone scans the tag, they’re immediately taken to the information the tag creator wants them to see.

Companies can tag products or locations with links to online marketing material, tag assets for tracking or electronically capture warranty or product information – all while saving on traditional paper and printing expenses. These “green-friendly” tags can connect customers with a business’ social or online presence, or larger marketing campaigns with videos, coupons and more.

Each info page can be protected online with a simple PIN to make sure that only people with the tag can access the content. Content can be safely blocked from search engines and random Web surfers.

Update Content and Track Tags

Info page content can be changed, updated or removed at any time. Dynotag can also tell users when and where content is accessed, helping businesses drive better results by learning which QR codes or promotions are performing the best. Companies that would like to receive notifications, geo locations or more analytics, can upgrade to a premium tag. Premium users can also add greater storage.

“The bulk of quick information lookups is increasingly happening on smart phones,” added Divringi. “QR codes are helping us all make the leap from keying in cumbersome URLs to super-fast scans that connect us to what we want to know about a place or object, when we want to know it. Dynotag brings this powerful kind of information-sharing to smaller groups, and even a single individual.”

To start building your free dynotags, visit www.dynotag.com

About Dynotag

Dynotag is the first free web-based service to make it easy and safe for individuals and small businesses to create shareable digital access keys (QR codes and short URLs) and post associated content. People can dynotag anything they want, and the object will be hyperlinked to an info page that safely hosts any type of content from text and images to audio, video and more – all on the company’s cloud-based servers. Premium users can add additional capabilities like notifications, analytics and greater storage. Learn more about what you can do with Dynotag, or try it for yourself, at http://www.dynotag.com

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