Export Now To Launch First-of-its-Kind Solution Allowing Any-Size Business to Affordably Export to China

Akron, OH (Press Release – September 27, 2011) – While the idea of expanding into foreign markets can seem daunting for many small and midsize businesses, Export Now, which launches in October, provides a first-of-its-kind, one-stop, e-commerce solution to help small businesses efficiently, and inexpensively export to China.

Export Now allows U.S. companies of any size to grow revenues and compete in foreign markets by leveraging the power of e-commerce and the efficiencies of group shipping and fulfillment operations. With just the click of a mouse, companies can avoid the biggest challenges of doing business abroad by affordably bridging the cultural and financial gaps of complex foreign markets. Export Now distributes goods via its exclusive store on Tmall.com, while also simultaneously listing them on Taobao.com, the largest B2C platform in the world. Last year more than 370 million people used Taobao.com, spending over $60 billion on China’s largest, fastest-growing e-commerce marketplace.

“With U.S. exports to China growing 468 percent in the last decade, China is now the third largest market for American goods after Canada and Mexico,” said Frank Lavin, founder and global CEO of Export Now. Lavin, also the former U.S. Ambassador and Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade adds, “Traditionally, doing business in a foreign country has presented U.S.-based businesses with an array of logistical and practical challenges. We created Export Now to help businesses of any size tackle these challenges such as language, currency, shipping, duties, tariffs and compliance with local regulations, and grow by reaching an untapped audience clamoring for American goods.”

For U.S. companies Export Now has created a five-step e-commerce solution that makes exporting as simple as a domestic sale:

  1. Companies pay a minimal startup fee, which grants access to Export Now’s exporter portal and covers the first trans-ocean shipment.
  2. Exporters fill out a basic company profile online, including payment information to transfer revenues from their Chinese sales back to the companies.
  3. Exporters develop a product page template that Export Now will use to translate and list products on Export Now’s exclusive Tmall.com store.
  4. Exporters create shipments, choosing volume by the pallet or container, and ship to Export Now’s west coast distribution portal.
  5. Export Now ships the products to China and lists them in its exclusive Tmall.com superstore. Export Now fulfills orders, collects payment and remits the money to the exporters.

Chinese customers shop products through Export Now’s exclusive Tmall.com store, which brings products directly to Chinese shoppers on the e-commerce platform they know, trust and use every day. Export Now’s exclusive store within Tmall showcases authentic American products, widely sought by Chinese consumers. Products are listed when they arrive in China, so the Chinese customers receive the American goods without the hassle, cost or wait-time of other import operations.

About Export Now

Founded by Frank Lavin, former U.S. Ambassador and Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade, Export Now has the expertise to help U.S. companies navigate the challenges of exporting to China. Export Now removes all the barriers to exporting—language, regulations, logistics, distribution. All customers have to do is click and ship. The company’s tech-enabled solution combines end-to-end logistics, customs management and the translation needed to market goods to Chinese consumers.

Export Now distributes these products through an exclusive store on Tmall.com, Taobao’s home for online retail. Export Now’s exclusive store is a special section on Tmall specifically designed to highlight authentic American products. For more information or to sign up, visit www.exportnow.com.

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