How Many Jobs Do Small Businesses Create?

How many jobs do small businesses really create? It has been an important question in the small business community for some time now ever since Washington started touting small businesses as the engine of economic recovery. Critics hit back with some conflicting figures, but it all comes down to the way we ask the question. See more discussion of this and other important small business news and tips in our small business roundup below:

News & Trends

How many jobs do small businesses create? Depends what “small” means. The title tells the whole story. If you want to say that small businesses create most new jobs, you use the number 500 employees. If you listen to the number the European Union uses, less than 50 employees constitutes a small business. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Small businesses lead the way in green technology innovation. SBA reports that small businesses lead the way in the use of green technology. One of the methods used in determining this is through the amount of patent activity and how much of this activity is in the green technology field. These same companies that are working in the green technology field are found to be more profitable overall. PR Newswire

Better Business

Make things happen. You can never sit back, do nothing and expect to get ahead. The only way to be successful is to make things happen. Even a good education doesn’t guarantee success. This post looks at the success of one entrepreneur who was not afraid to take a risk. You’re the Boss

“Talent magnet” reveals the truth about the new job market. In the new job market, there are new guidelines and there are new techniques to be used in the hiring process. in a small business you may have to be satisfied with 90% of what you want and trust the other 10% will fit in. Specialization is the key because more and more small businesses are looking for people who will have an immediate impact. BusinessNewsDaily

Policy & Strategy

Generous small business tax deduction is shrinking. The deduction for equipment used by small businesses is being lowered from $500,000 to $125,000 next year. This deduction can be taken up front rather than being depreciated. Further reductions in these deductions are scheduled for future years. The other deduction that is being curtailed is the bonus depreciation which allows employers to deduct more than the amount normally allowed. This is being cut in half next year. Boston Globe

Five lame excuses for a company strategy. What exactly is company strategy? The simplest answer quoted is “you know what you are doing and why.” Strategy is making choices about what you will do and what you will not do. In small businesses many heads either just have something on a piece of paper so they can say they have one or they do not use what they do have. Forbes

Tips & Tricks

Why does your small business need social media? You’ve heard the buzz and, of course, we’ve reported on it here on Small Business Trends but the question continues to be asked by many. Is social media really worth the time and effort that small businesses must put into it to create a success? Yes, say some advocates. Here’s more on how top get started. CBC News

Not really a sales person at heart? It’s common problem for many entrepreneurs, especially when starting out. Fortunately sales doesn’t have to be rocket science. Here are some pretty simple approaches for those of us non-salespeople who need to learn the ropes for our own business in a hurry. Buzz Small Business Magazine


Getting back into the conversation. If you’re not talking to your customers, your business could be in trouble. This might be common sense to most entrepreneurs and small business leaders, but did you know that it is also important to have the right conversation at the right time? Here are some ideas to consider. Partners in Excellence

Twitter tricks to get your site noticed. It’s no secret that Twitter has become a major small business tool. But are you using this incredible microblogging platform to its full effect? Twitter can be a huge help when marketing your small business online. But you must know how to make it work for you.Birdie’s Typing Services

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