The Jedi Masters of Today’s Business World

“You stay in the game, play it right and don’t give up.”

I find so much inspiration from people who are going through great personal or professional challenges and difficulties with grace, poise and perseverance.

jedi knight

They are today’s Jedi Masters to me. They put one foot in front of the other, stay in the day, stay in the game and don’t go too far out. The times are choppy and stormy, but not impossible to navigate. It just requires different skill sets and a  flexible mindset.

There are three areas that have been impacted by great external change that has forced us to go through great internal change. Slowly people are shifting, getting into motion and accepting reality.

1. Being in Business
Consumerism is consistently changing and being shaped by demographic shifts, culture trends and technology. Boomers are still consumers but their prime time has passed. Generation X is 11 percent smaller than Boomers and they are bogged down with raising families and debt. Generation Y is looming and aging up but they don’t have the the jobs yet to give them more income clout. Regardless of these dynamics, people continue to buy, spend and create trends. Businesses need to be fluid, innovative and fun today.

2. Careers and Jobs
Unemployment of 9.1 percent and 14 million people out of work may not seem like all that much, but it is having a much greater impact because even the people who are working are making less and spending less. The idea of having a career has changed dramatically. Having a career now means having a job, regardless of what your expertise is or what you studied in college. Work of any kind where you can use your key skills, learn new ones and make a difference is better than no work.

3. Family and Community
We live in a multicultural, extended family world today. What families and community looks like now is diverse, open and nontraditional. People are finding new ways to connect to each other. Traditional families, single parents, no kids, extended families, and families of friends are all unique and working.

People who go with the flow, find ways to get through and make the best of each day with what they are given are today’s Jedi Masters to me.

Here are 10 commonalities I see in the mindset and approach they take to their lives and businesses:

1) They see the silver lining and focus on the lesson.
2) They are proactive and take thoughtful actions.
3) They surround themselves with a support system that they use and tap into.
4) They serve others and get outside themselves.
5) They allow themselves to embrace and go through the uncomfortable emotions.
6) They see how their experience can benefit others.
7) They take actions they may not yet believe in.
8) They have faith and spirituality.
9) They focus on what they can control.
10)They exude an intangible energy that impacts others and attracts people to them.

Thank you to all of the  Jedi Masters of life and business who continue to inspire me daily.

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Deborah Shane Deborah Shane has been recognized as a Top 100 Small Business Champion and Top 50 SMB Influencer (Dunn and Bradstreet 2015). She is a career transition author, personal branding and social media specialist. Deborah's book "Career Transition: Make the Shift" is available through all major book sellers.

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